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Stylista: Like Mother Like Daughter

November 06, 2008 05:57 AM by Britteny Elrick

Things are heating up this week on Stylista. The fight to become a Junior Editor at Elle Magazine is getting more personal as some of the contestants will do anything to get ahead. Kate is the driving force behind the drama again, but this time she gets backed upfrom an unlikely source. Of course, all favors come at a cost…

Dashaun is nervous after being in last week’s bottom two. He is confused as to how Katie is still there. William has a heart to heart with her and she admits that she doesn’t like working in teams and will now separate herself. Johanna becomes more determined to stand out.

The group is told that they will be working for her niece, Erin. They must come up with a theme for her tenth birthday party at FAO Schwartz. They only have fifty dollars to use for their pitch. The assistants are confused as to how to proceed because they don’t want to be too juvenile since the girl seems very mature for her age. Megan’s idea is to have a costume ball. William’s theme is the Secret Garden. Cologne’s idea was glamour, diamonds, and pink. Dashaun’s idea was to have a psychic. Johanna’s theme was a fashion show with a pink carpet and photographers. Katie’s idea was a royal fort. Danielle wants a rock star theme. Ashlie had a sex and the city [for children] idea. Johanna’s idea was chosen and so she gets to pick the teams for the challenge.


The teams have to make a mother/daughter fun page. They must find a mother/daughter pair at the birthday party and show them outfits, where to buy them, etc on the spread. Johanna picks team one as Devon, William, and Danielle.

Team two is Cologne, Ashlie, and Kate. Team three is Megan and Dashaun and Johanna. The teams turn the store into a fashion show extravaganza and then they need to find a mother/daughter pair for their photo shoot.

In the middle of Johanna asking one of the mothers if they could shoot them, Katie comes up and says that she had already chosen her. It creates a bit of a scene and one of the Elle workers makes the mother choose between the two teams. Cologne speaks up and says that they will just choose someone else. Katie feels like her team is ganging up on her and starts to have another breakdown.


Then the teams instruct the models for their photo shoots and work on their page layouts. Katie’s team doesn’t take any of her suggestions and again she feels left out. She complains about how she hates everything in their spread and her teammates stress the fact she needs to be a team player and think of the overall pictures. Johanna is a bit of a control freak and is taking their team of “pretty in punk” very seriously since it reflects her personality.

JUDGING: Designer Cynthia Rowley is a guest judge. Team one’s theme was color with yellows and oranges. Overall, they seemed to love the page except for their bottom right hand corner. Team two’s them was pretty in punk. They contrasted the mother’s elegance and the daughter’s edgyness. The judges think they listened well, except they forgot to put shopping credits which was a big no-no. Team three had a theme of steel magnolias [metallics]. The judges feel that the metallics have run their course, and they don’t have a handle on fashion. Kate speaks up and tells them that she hated the idea and they wouldn’t take her suggestions. Megan actually backs her up and says she heard Kate getting shut down by her teammates. Later, Megan admits she only stuck up for Kate because she wants Ashley to go home since she is a stronger player.

The judges loved team one’s page (except for the bottom corner). They thought team two’s metallic spread was horrible. Team three’s punk them was amazing except for the critical error of no credits. Team one is the winner! Team three makes it through. Kate, Cologne, and Ashlie are the bottom three. Ashlie gets to stay as she has shown promise. Cologne goes home.


The show airsWednesdays 9 PM ET on The CW.

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