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Survivor: Gabon — Marcus Ousted In Big Blindside!

November 06, 2008 08:10 PM by Ryan Haidet

Marcus voted off

Survivor: Gabonhas finally started delivering great episodes — and tonight was no exception. After a double Tribal Council last week, only 10 people remain in the contest for the $1 million prize. Each tribe was convinced a merge was on the horizon. Everybody fromtheir respective tribe agreed that they would stick together to make it to the end (the Kota six and the Fang four). They even talked about how they were looking forward to the merge feast. Oh no…dropping their buffs wouldn’t bring out a fresh color…but a new twist!

After Tribal Council, Sugar returned to camp flexing her muscles after blindsiding her main ally, Ace. Matty was shocked about the vote, but hoped the game would soon be changing. “I’m just praying for a merge and I’m praying for this game to change — and if it doesn’t, I’m in deep trouble,” Matty said.

Day 22 at the Kota camp arrived with Corinne still steaming from Susie’s recent comments about wanting to vote her out. “After what Susie said at last night’s Tribal Council, I plan on burying her as soon as possible — alive,” Corinne said.

A feast reveals another hidden idol

Treemail arrived and it had “merge” written all over it. It described a feast, a new tribe and that they were to each bring their own personal possessions with them to the beach — but it never directly said “merge.”

The tribes came together, exchanged hugs and sat around the table filled with food. But before they chowed down, they noticed a box on the table. “Open ONLY after you have finished enjoying your feast, as once this box is open, the feast is over.” That didn’t seem to phase them at all because the massive amounts of meatloaf, chicken, fruit, drinks and more were keeping their attention — well, most people’s attention.

Ken was sitting there eating when he spotted a letter on the table. Although he tried to be sneaky about it, Charlie soon saw it and showed it off to everybody — the letter gave a hint to the whereabouts of a hidden immunity idol at the beach. The clue said they needed to find it before they left the beach that day. The hiding placefor the prized possession was very obvious — buried in the sand under a tree right behind them.

With everybody knowing the idol was there, they acted like they didn’t want it. So to try and control more of the game, Marcus and Randy convinced the others that they should find it as a group and release it into the ocean. After a quick moment of digging, Randy found it and offered it to anybody who wanted it. They all said no (comparing it to the apple in Eden) and joined together as they attached it to a bottleand set it adrift. “I am the new king of Gabon,” Randy said. “All those Fang, Kota members, they work for me. Cheers!”

Marcus was also pleased with his gameplay. “These people are so stupid. I got 10 people to throw an immunity idol into the ocean.”

The merge?

Then came the box they were instructed to keep sealed until after their feast. Randy read the note inside that said they were to each grab one of 10 numbered stones. The stone they drew now placed them in their newly divided tribes.

The twist created two brand-new tribes each consisting of three former Kota members and two former Fangs.

Kota: Bob, Marcus, Susie, Ken and Crystal.

Fang: Randy, Charlie, Corinne, Matty and Sugar.

Sugar and Charlie on the new Fang Tribe

Making new bonds

When the new Kota arrived back at camp, Marcus and Crystal realized they have a connection outside of the game — one of her cousins is a close friend of his. Marcus had been all set to vote her out, but after learning of her relation to one of his best friends, he decided his first target would be Ken.

Crystal made an agreement with him and said that she wouldn’t write his name down. But in a confessional, she said that was just her game talking. “I also told Ace I would not write his name down and Ace got blindsided.”

On Day 23, Marcus was starting to feel nervous about Susie’s position in the Kota six. He went to talk to her when she openly admitted that she could go either way — stick withhim and Bob or swap to Ken and Crystal.

Immunity challenge

At the immunity challenge, each castaway was to stand on a wooden platform with their arms outstretched. Then a pole was placed on each hand. The goal was to keep each pole pushed up against an overhead board. If one pole dropped, they were eliminated. The last person standing would win immunity for their entire tribe.

After just one second of the challenge, Crystal screwed up and dropped her poles. Then 10 seconds in, Sugar was out. Moments later, Susie dropped her poles.

Host Jeff Probst seemed a bit surprised that the players had no endurance.

Shortly after, both Randy and Corinne dropped at the same time. Kenny was out next, followed by Marcus and Charlie.

That left just Bob and Matty facing off for the idol. Both were shaking and struggling to hang on. But Matty prevailed and brought the idol home to the new Fang tribe after Bob dropped his poles.

Planning on voting somebody out

After losing the immunity challenge, Marcus was very open that he wanted Ken to be the next to go. He asked Crystal if she would want to join the Kota six and replace Susie. She acted happy with the deal when she was talking to Marcus, but she later said in a confessional that she wasn’t pleased her main ally (Ken) was being targeted. “I’m playing nice girl, liar and schemer,” she said. “The game is outwit, outlast — and you can’t outwit Crystal Cox, baby.”

Crystal thinks

Marcus thenwent in the woods with Susie when she promised to put her trust in him. She finally seemed on board with her former alliance.

Crystal, however, wasn’t in the same ballpark with Marcus and his plans. She went and told Ken what they were planning on doing. They just needed Susie to flip the vote around to take out Marcus.

Tribal Council

At Tribal Council, Marcus said that his plan was to keep the new tribe strong. But Ken called him out almost instantly saying that he felt their plan was to target the former Fang members because they were outnumbered.

When they each approached the voting confessional, it was shown that both Ken and Crystal voted for Marcus. Marcus and Bob both voted for Ken. So it all came down to Susie’s vote.

After Probst revealed all five votes, Marcus was sent packing in an amazing blindside! He became the first member of the jury. I bet that hidden idol that’s floating around in Gabon’s choppy waters would be real nice right about now, huh Marcus?

Marcus ousted

Images courtesy ofMonty Brinton/CBS.

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