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Extreme Makeover Home Edition: Pay It Forward – Twice!

November 09, 2008 07:10 PM by Candace Young

Ty begins this episode on a soccer field. He explains that we are going to meet some people who life hasn’t treated very fairly and Ty and his team are going to level the playing field. They head to Shrewsbury, Missouri to meet the Martirez family, which consists of Dawn and Emmanuel, their seven year-old daughter, Elle, and their twin boys, Evan, who has 9P minus and uses a walker, and Alec who has a cranial disorder called Crouzon Syndrome, and has to have implants and hearing aids. They live in a small home which doesn’t have enough room for Evan’s walker, and isn’t safe for him inside or outside. Both Dawn and Emmanuel have fathers who are confined to wheelchairs and who find it very difficult to come to the house to visit.

Day 1 – Door Knock

Ty arrives and the family bursts out of the house, full of joy that they have been chosen. Ty tells them they are going on vacation to Walt Disney World! Emmanuel, Dawn, and Ty go inside. It is obvious right away that the house is totally inaccessible and inadequate where Evan is concerned. Ty explains that this family needs a space where they can raise their kids to their full potential.

Outside Michael asks the boys what their favorite animals are, and hears, “Moo moo!” John says that the boys’ rooms will need to be as special as they are! Elle tells Paige that she loves to play dress-up with her dolls. Paige explains that she will be taking care of to make sure Elle gets the perfect room to play dolls in.

Day 2

The builders and volunteers arrive and Ty videos the family, who have arrived in Disney World. Dawn’s father comes on and tells them that something really special is happening there. Sam Malek is introduced next. He is the owner of a coffee shop who was born with cerebral palsy, and says he has walked in their shoes, and heard that things like this can’t be done – but they can be done, and he and his wife are there to help with their home. Next, a man who has lost his legs climbs up and enters the bulldozer, which will demo the house. Emmanuel says that that man understands that he is tearing down the family’s limitations!

Day 3, 4

The Martirez family’s home is coming along great. Paige is building a life-size dollhouse for seven year-old Elle. Ty speaks to Sam Malek about his coffee house. Sam explains that he hires handicapped people to give them hope. Ty tells him he is honored to meet him, and hints that he will see him again.

John is off to the zoo to meet Jack Hanna and get the scoop on animals. A monkey climbs across their shoulders; they feed goats, and check out lemurs and even a cheetah. John tapes the sounds of all the zoo animals they encounter for use in the playroom.

Eduardo meanwhile, shows us an elevator donated for the Martirez house by CVS Pharmacy.

Ty corners Ed and tells him that he has a special project he would like his help with – they go to check out Sam Malek’s coffee house! They realize that it needs to be bigger and more accessible. Sam laments that he can’t hire wheelchair-bound people because there isn’t proper room. Sam tells them that he was born in Cairo, Egypt, and was literally thrown in a trashcan – they thought he was stillborn – but when he hit the can he began to cry and has been fighting back ever since.

Ty and his crew and the volunteers come over in the rain, to announce that they will also build a new coffee house this week for Sam Malek. The man cries as he thanks them. The Martirez family is informed of the new development via video, and told that this may be a place for the boys to work when they get older! Dawn Martirez says she just loves the ‘pay it forward’ philosophy! The crowd cheers as the machines move forward and demolish the coffee house.

Day 5

The appliances are going in to the Martirez home, and painting is being done in Elle’s room by Paige. Ty demonstrates a sliding seat that goes from one end of the playroom to the other!

John is outside conferring with Dawn’s father, who is in a wheelchair, and explaining that the house will now be totally accessible for him.

Over at Sam’s coffee house, Ed is working away and explains that Sam’s frustrations at not being able to hire certain people will be over!

Ty and the team head over to finish the coffee house as the house is being furnished.

Day 6

The Martirez family is brought home a day early so that they can witness the unveiling of Sam’s new coffee shop. When they chant, “Move that bus!” and the new coffee house is revealed, Mr. Malek is overwhelmed by the new establishment. CVS Pharmacy again, has made the donation to give back. As he enters the new place, Sam is overcome with emotion. Emmanuel tells him he is an inspiration to him and his family. Emmanuel says they are humbled to be a part of Sam’s story.

Day 7

The Martirez family is brought by limo to see their new home. The crowd cheers and at Ty’s prompt, begins to shout, “Move that bus!” Dawn and Emmanuel and their children embrace, and Dawn says she has the sense of a weight being lifted off.

John Shea from Shea Building, says he thinks this experience will pay forward for a long time. The family goes inside, entering through the front door, which is extra-wide to accommodate Evan’s walker. They are amazed by the huge spacious openness of their new home. Ty comes in and explains that Sears has given them all the kitchen appliances. He then takes them to see the elevator. Emmanuel and Evan get in and ride upstairs.

The boys are overwhelmed at the sight of the new playroom, where they can explore and play safely. Dawn notes that it changes Evan’s entire life!

Elle is then taken to see her pink and baby blue room, which features a life size dollhouse and a loft bed! Next up, the boys get to see their new animal-themed room and try out all of the ‘talking’ animals! The washroom is gigantic and will accommodate all of the boys’ needs.

Ty then takes the parents to see their special new bedroom. It features wide-open space and gleaming hardwood floors. There are black and white framed photos of the children and a monitoring system so that they can keep an eye on the kids.

Ty then asks Ed to bring in the two fathers in wheelchairs. Rich, Dawn’s father is moved to tears as he explains that he has eight children and can’t fit in any of their homes – this is the first time! He thanks Ty for the opportunity to spend more time with his grandchildren.

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Photos Courtesy: Webster Kirkwood Times, ABC.

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