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The Amazing Race 13: Curry up, there’s no time to lose

November 09, 2008 07:41 PM by Britteny Elrick


It’s an action packed night on The Amazing Raceas the remaining six teams continue to navigate their way through India. Ken and Tina are currently in last place and were penalized with an additional speed bump for this leg. Find out if they will be able to overcome the odds and get back in the race…

Nick and Starr are the first to depart and they must find an apartment complex in downtown Delhi. They have twenty one dollars for this leg of the race. Ken and Tina are the last to depart and they will have an extra speed bump as a penalty from the last leg.

ROAD BLOCK:One member must climb a ladder in the middle of a Holi Festival, where they are celebrating and throwing paint, to sift through a bunch of clues marked “try again” until they find the correct clue.


Nick and Starr are the first to complete the road block and move on to Charity Birds Hospital. Toni and Dallas are following a close second. Kelly has a particularly difficult time getting through the road block as she is continually chased and sprayed with paint. She has to take a break because she can’t breathe. They think they have to grab one clue and bring it all the way back to check it, which is incorrect. They are supposed to stay on the ladder and search the clues until they find the correct one. Terrence and Sarah and Dan and Andrew both arrive and complete the task leaving the girls behind. Kelly falls while running back to the ladder and then she tells Christy that she can’t complete the task. Meanwhile, Ken and Tina have caught up to them. Inside the bird hospital, the teams must take off their shoes and search the cages to find their clue.


DETOUR: In bleary eyed, the teams must follow a power line throughout the streets and keep track of number tags. Then they must find a man with sewing machine and give him the numbers. He will give them their clue. In teary eyed, the teams must find a skull in spice market, then lift two 40 lb bags of curry. They must crush enough chilis to make 35 ounces of chili powder.

Terrence and Sarah are the only team to opt for teary eyed. Nick and Starr and Toni and Dallas decide to work together due to the difficulty of the bleary eyed task. Kelly and Christy try to ride a wagon down the street while searching for the tags. Ken and Tina encounter their speed bump. They must make their way to a temple and volunteer to serve holy water to the masses of people, when there are no more people they can continue back at the bird hospital.


Nick and Starr and Toni and Dallas complete the detour simultaneously and are instructed to go to Humayuns tomb, which is the pit stop for this leg of the race.They are both stuck in traffic in a dead tie. Terrence and Sarah are having a very hard time crushing the chilis into powder and are falling behind. Andrew and Dan and Kelly and Christy are having a hard time completing the detour as their numbers aren’t matching up. Ken and Tina arrive at the scene. Andrew asks the girls if they want to work together since neither of them can figure it out, but the girls tell him no since they feel they might be the last teams. Surprisingly, Ken and Tina complete the task first and make their way to the pit stop. As they are leaving, they see Andrew and Dan and they let them know they have been looking for the wrong sized tags. They finish the detour at about the same time as Kellyand Christy.

Nick and Starr arrive at the pit stop as team number one, followed by Toni and Dallas. Terrence and Sarah are third to arrive, followed by Ken and Tina who overcame their penalty. Andrew and Dan manage to beat Kelly and Christy to the pit stop. The girls go home.


The Amazing Race airsSunday nights at8 PM ET on CBS.

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