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Dancing With The Stars: Hot And Spicy

November 10, 2008 08:09 PM by Paulene Hinds

Tonight on Dancing With The Stars, the dancers completed the most grueling test yet as they performed two complete dances and a solo. The five couples were back to dance a Ballroom and Latin round as well as a 15 second solo in their Latin routine. This was a true test of their dancing ability.

The first couple up tonight was Cody and Edyta (Julianne is still recooperating). They were dancing the Fox Trot tonight. Cody looked more relaxed tonight as he and his partner Edyta swept across the floor. Len said that he was pleasantly surprised by Cody’s elegance and he did a top notch job. Bruno said that he never thought that he would see Cody dancing so smooth and this was his most grown up performance yet. Carrie Ann said she loved his performance and then called them on Edyta’s foot coming off the ground. They scored a 24 tonight in their first performance.

The next couple to hit the floor was Brooke and Derek. Last week they scored a perfect 30 for their routine and then received a total of 59 out of 60 with their team dance. Derek was going to start treating Brooke like a pro as Carrie Ann had commented that Brooke was so much like one. They danced a wicked Tango tonight. Bruno said that he loved the routine and that they were like two instruments playing each other. Carrie Ann said that is why you are the last woman standing. Len said that he saw a lack of leads and thought that they were out of sync and were riddled with mistakes…oh my Len is cranky tonight! The couple received a score of 28…Len gave them an 8!

The star who won back the judges hearts last week were up next, Maurice and Cheryl. Tonight the couple danced the Quick Step and Put on the Ritz. He showed his Olympic side tonight as he stepped across the floor. Carrie Ann said that she loved it and thought that he really paid attention to what Cheryl said. Len said that if people don’t know what Maurice does for a living, they do now…he is a runner and he flew around the floor and did a really good job. Bruno said that he usually flakes half way through, but this time he kept everything going. The judges gave them a score of 24.

The barefoot dancers from last weektook tothe floor, Lance and Lacey danced a Fox Trot and decided to put in traditional steps and do the dance by the books this week. Their routine was cute and sexy. Len said that Lance is on the wrong night…extreme makeover was on last night! Bruno said that is was a classic dance with a classic style and yet the couple maintained their individuality. Carrie Ann said that Lance is truly a bright light in the competition. Their score 26. Len still lagged behind in the scores.

Warren and Kym danced last in the ballroom round and this week Warren had on the right sized shoes! Their first dance tonight was a Tango. They had some fancy kicks in their routine tonight. Bruno said watch out James Bond. Carrie Ann said that she thought the dance was fantastic and made the audience feel like they were in the number. Len said last week a plop and this week on top. They received 28…a 10 from Carrie Ann.

The hot and spicy round was about to get reallyhot and spicy. This time out, the competitor’s had to perform 15 second solo.

Cody and Edyta came out with a Mambo.His 15 seconds were juicy for a young lad. He threw himself up on the judges desk at the end. Carrie Ann said WOW! A for effort, but he was a little disjointed. Len said that he hopes Warren doesn’t do the same ending. Len also said that his routine was a little stiff, but he did two good dances. Bruno said that Cody had the Mambo fever and he appreciated the effort that he put into it. Cody told the viewers that Julianne is doing great and ready to return to dance. They received a score of 24. 48 for both numbers out of 60.

Brooke and Derek came out for their Mambo. Brooke wore a wig and wowed the judges with her booty shake. I seemed to have lost her 15 second solo??? Len thought that it was a very ambicious performance and he would have liked to see her feet, but knew she moved her hips well. Bruno thought that it was saucy and Brooke is a great dancer. Carrie Ann said that her solo worked well (it was in the beginning as she bumped and shook at the judges desk), but her posture was a little out. All in all it was a great performance. They received 27 with a total of 55 out of 60.

Dancing their second routine of the eveing, Maurice and Cheryl had a Pasadoble, which was a benefit to him as he danced one last week in the team dance. They really got into the character of the dance. It was awesome! Bruno said Maurice was twirling the cape like a mad man. Carrie Ann said that she loved the focus and that he hit every step. Len said that normally he isn’t a lover of the cape stuff, but he thought that it added to Maurice’s solo. Tonight they received a second score of 24 which is 48 out of 60 for the night.

Lance and Lacey’s second dance was a Samba. Carrie Ann said that Lance was a bit odd and had to watch his spot during his solo. Len said that he saw elements of the Samba, but Lance’s solo didn’t have a bit of flavor on it. Bruno thought that Lance really focused and pulled in the audience and that their routine had very difficult moves in it. Their score was 24 with a total of 50 out of 60.

The last performance tonight was from Warren and Kym. They danced a Jive. It is amazing to see this big guy move across the floor so lightly. His solo was the cutest. Len said that Warren dances with joy, but his feet…words can’t even describe them. Bruno said that Warren releases so much fun, but his feet were flat. Carrie Ann said that because he wore his comfy shoes, it made them stare at his feet even more, but she loved his dance. The judges gave them a 26. So for the night they have 54 out of 60.

The leader board scores tonight are as follows:
At the Top tonight are Brooke and Derek with 55 out of 60
Warren andKym were second with 54
Lance and Lacey held third spot with 50
and tied at the bottom were Cody and Edyta and Maurice and Cheryl both with 48

Tomorrow night, John Legend and Dancing With the Stars Julianne Hough will sing. Also, Lacey Schwimmer will dance with her brother Benji. Don’t miss the results show at 9 PM ET.

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Photo Credit: ABC

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2 Responses to “Dancing With The Stars: Hot And Spicy”

  1. dwtsfan08 Says:
    November 11th, 2008 at 12:46 pm

    I’m so excited for the results tonight! I’m thinking Maurice could be eliminated. Check out the official DWTS LiveJournal page:

  2. dwtsfan08 Says:
    November 11th, 2008 at 12:48 pm

    I’m so excited about the results tonight! My guess is that Maurice will be eliminated. Check out the Official DWTS LiveJournal page. Yep, its official.


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