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Biggest Loser And A Defection Sends Someone Unlikely Home

November 11, 2008 08:26 PM by DA Southern


After a week off, and Phil being eliminated, the seven remaining Biggest Losers get back on the treadmill and will all have a surprise waiting for them this week. Bob came to see his team and Bob was still concerned how much Vicky was manipulating her team mates and playing a game so hard instead of concentrating on losing weight and Jillian was seen training the black shirts once again.

Ali gathered the seven remaining losers and informed them that they were no longer teams but individuals. The Black team knew that the Blue team would pick them off one at a time if given the chance, so thought that there was no real change. Ali, after shocking them with that piece of news, then told them to follow her to the big scale for what they thought to be a weigh-in, but instead, brought in the eliminated players one-by-one for shocked looks from the remaining players and weighed them in.


The eliminated Losers weighed in and Jerry had lost 41 lbs, but was not actually there for the challenge, Shellay had lost 39 lbs, Tom Sr. lost 48 lbs, LT had lost 57 lbs, Adam lost 35 lbs, Stacey lost 31 lbs, Ed lost 58 lbs, Amy lost 47 lbs and Phil had lost 68 lbs.

After the weigh-in, the drama erupted at the house as Phil reacted to a sly comment Vicky had made at the weigh-in which caused harsh feelings between everybody. Stacey was shocked at the animosity in the house and it turns out that Bob was right about Vicky after all. Bob and Jillian came in and had a chance to reconnect with the eliminated losers and Jillian took some extra time with Phil and Amy just to encourage them, which was a nice moment.

brady-and-phil-talking trash

For a brief time, we are back to The Biggest Loser: Families, if but for only 24 hours, until the results of the challenge. After the families briefly reunited, Ali got them together to have an opportunity to win a spot back into the game. The eliminated contestants had to do a stair step contest to crown a champion and usher in a returning payer to the game, but it was not any stair game but a game of 1000 steps. Even though several of the contestants had been out of the game for a while, it was clear that several had worked harder than the others on their weight loss. Ali then started them off and the race was on.

The challenge started out pretty evenly, but Ed soon showed his determination to stay in the competition by charging ahead of everyone. Phil seemed to rise to the challenge with Stacey, one of the first voted out, charging from the pack into third place. The lead changed back and forth between Ed and Phil for a good part of the competition but Stacey slowly continued to gain on Phil until it was her and Ed in the final steps to that 1000 goal. With literally five steps separating them, Ed edged out a win at the end winning immunity at the weigh-in and guaranteeing himself another week at the ranch.

The next day brought Bob came into the gym for the Last Chance Workout and the Blue team played a joke on Bob telling him that Phil had come back in. Even though Ali had told them they were no longer a team, the Blue team did not really recognize that fact as they encourage Ed to put on his Blue T-Shirt and it was all rainbows and unicorns as they rejoiced in their numbers. The three remaining Black Team members better hope they don’t fall below the yellow line.


Last season’s winner, Ali, came by, looking stunning, and gave the remaining eight a pep-talk about how important it was to continue their journey when they left the ranch and brought in a nutritionist from Prevention Magazine to talk about changing their eating habits. After the two talked with each of the contestants about their eating habits, Jillian talked to her Black Team members and encouraged them to try not to go below the yellow line, if at all possible. Jillian then took the opportunity to “Beat the crap out of them,” as she called it, to get them ready for the weigh-in.

The Weigh In:

Tonight was the first time as individuals to be weighed in and, even though the Blue Team had the numbers, they still had a nefarious plan to eliminate the Black Team one-by-one.


Ed weighed in first and lost 4 lbs, but had immunity. Ali then announced that the real weigh-in was about to begin.

Heba lost 9 lbs, 3.64%
Coleen lost 7 lbs, 3.95%
Amy lost 6 lbs, 3.21%
Michelle lost 6 lbs, 3.00% (below the yellow line)
Renee lost 7 lbs, 3.15%
Vicky lost 8 lbs, 3.98%
Brady lost 6 lbs, 2.22% (below the yellow line)

Ali then took both of the two to the elimination room immediately with the team and said she was not going to not give them any time to discuss it. The Black Team looked unified but Amy might have been having second thoughts as Vicky’s attitude may have been wearing thin on her.

brady goes home in a shocker

Vicky voted for Michelle, Renee voted for Brady, Coleen voted for Brady, Ed voted for Michelle, Heba voted for Michelle and Amy shocked the Blue Team and voted for Brady to go, making it a tie, sending Brady home since he had the lowest percentage of weight loss.

Vicky was pissed!

Brady had done OK since leaving the ranch and had lost a total of 100 lbs since leaving starting on the Biggest Loser.

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2 Responses to “Biggest Loser And A Defection Sends Someone Unlikely Home”

  1. Happy Says:
    November 16th, 2008 at 9:04 am

    I love Biggest Loser. My Tivo records it each week and I watch it at my leisure. However, Vicky is such a manipulative cruel contestant (especially the ‘revenge poster’ she has up)I’ve decided to skip the rest of this season.

  2. gsunset Says:
    November 19th, 2008 at 11:42 am

    Why did Amy not vote off Vicki when she had the chance. People like Vicki does not deserve to be on the show. I really liked Colleen. I really did not see Colleen a bigger threat than Vicki.


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