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Dancing With The Stars: No More Winner, Just Chicken Dinner

November 11, 2008 08:53 PM by Paulene Hinds

OnDancing with the Stars: the results show, we learned which four couples made it into the semi-finals and relationship expert,Dr. Drew visited and exposed some raw emotions when he gave the stars therapy tonight. Guest star, Brad Paisley sang accompanied by Benji Schwimmer and his sister Lacey and the winning elements for the Design-a-Dance performance were revealed in the Macy’s Stars of Dance.

At the beginning of the show tonight, the judges critiqued all of the dancers and their performances from last night. Hosts Tom Bergeron and Samantha Harris joked that they were lucky that the judges don’t critique them.

Host Tom Bergeron asked Len what the judges wanted to see once again and tonight the judges asked to see Warren and Kym’s Tango!

Samantha spoke to Brooke and Derek who were at the top of the leader board and then to Cody who had both his partners with him tonight; Julianne Hough and Edyta Sliwinski. Cody was at the bottom of the leader board last night. Samantha told viewers that Dancing with the Stars is nominated for a People’s Choice award for best Reality TV show. You can vote for the show at ABC.com.

Special guest, Brad Paisley hit the stage andsang his hit song, “Ticks” accompanied by Lacey and Benji Schwimmer. How cute was that routine!!!!

Next Tom and Samantha revealed the ranking from last night:

With a score of 48; Cody and Edyta and Maurice and Cheryl…putting them in fourth place
50 Lance and Lacey…held onto third place
54 Warren and Kym…took a clean second place
56 Brooke and Derek…were once again at the top and in first place

Tom and Samantha then revealed the first two couples saved tonight and they were; Warren and Kym and Lance and Lacey.

Relationship expert, Dr. Drew came in to analyze the dancers and see if there were some things that were keeping the dancers from being emotionally healthy, which could hold them back.

Lance and Lacey were first and Dr. Drew told them that a positive mental attitude would help them to go all the way. He felt that Warren was going to experience an emotional burden with his tough schedule right now and that Maurice was all about the technique and once he had it down, he would be able to show his emotion.

Dr. Drew thentold Derek that he has to be more respectful of Brooke and to catch her and be there for her. Healso counseled Cody as he was carrying a lot of emotions due to the stress of Julianne’s surgery, letting Cody explain all of his feelings he has had since being on the show.

Next, Dancing the Jive to “Great Balls of Fire” were Derek and Julianne as chosen by the viewers. Their costume was designed by one of the viewers as well. It was amazing to watch the brother- sister duo in the Macy’s Stars of Dance performance tonight, especially considering Julianne just had her appendix removed two weeks ago tonight!

Samantha spoke to Warren and asked him what he had to do to win the mirror ball trophy and Warren said, “Listen to the coach.” She also spoke to Lance and Lacey and the pair think that they have it figured out on how to go all the way, they just need to work harder on it now.

Brad Paisley came out once againand sang “Let The Good Times Roll,” another song from his new album, “Play” joined by the professional dancers.

Dr. Jill McNitt Gray was invited to the show totalk about how dancers move their bodies, the strength involved and the muscle coordination they require to perform. She said that to be a professional dancer you need a balance of strength, speed and grace.

The next couple safe tonight was announced; Brooke and Derek. Theyare going into the semi-finals. Tonight the couple going home are Maurice and Cheryl. Cheryl told Maurice that he is the hardest celebrity she has ever worked with and he would always be the winner, winner chicken dinner of her heart. This means Cody will beback to dance with Julianne next week.

Next week on the semi-finals the dancers must once againperform two dances but this time they will have the benefit of taking one of Len Goodman’smaster classes.

Don’t forget to vote for Dancing With The Stars on ABC.com for the People’s Choice Award for best Reality TV program and also check out the site for tickets to the live tour that went on sale yesterday. Reality TV Magazine has the link to order them as well, just see our post about the tour from yesterday by clicking on Dancing With the Stars onthe left side bar of this site!

Reality TV Magazine is your source of Dancing with the Stars news. For other great reality TV news, please feel free to visit SirLinksALot: Dancing With the Stars.

Photo Credit: ABC

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