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America’s Next Top Model Cycle 11: Wine and Windmills

November 12, 2008 07:57 PM by Britteny Elrick


It’s down to the final four ladies in the competition to become America’s Next Top Model. All the models are feeling the pressure toperform, andone girl in particulardoesn’t quite know how to handle it. This week the girls get local both withtheir photo shoots and theboys.Keep reading to find outall this week’s drama inside the model house…

Marjorie is particularly nervous after last week’s issues with the go-sees. The girls try to console her, but she is very upset that she can’t find a happy medium between her nerves and her personality. Samantha and McKey are feeling the pressure to perform and they realize that they are fully invested in the competition now.

TYRA MAIL: a model who knows how to sell makes the most sense.

The girls go to a studio and meet Paulina. She coaches them with some tricks on how to sell things without using words. They have tables of herring, toilet paper, cell phones, and jewelry. She was impressed with McKey and Samantha and their awareness of the modeling aspect.

America's Next Top Model

TYRA MAIL: your delivery better be on the Mark.

The girls arrive at Amsterdam Worldwide, an ad agency, to audition for a thirty second commercial – with no words. The winner will receive a ten thousand dollar shopping spree at Gstar. The girls will have to act out a scene (including kissing) with a Calvin Klein supermodel. Marjorie is just trying to have fun and not let her nerves overwhelm her. The winner is Marjorie! They thought she did something a little different, and although awkward, it was refreshing. She chooses Analeigh to share the spree with her.

TYRA MAIL: Tomorrow you’ll be going Dutch, but you’re going to have to give 100%.

Marjorie lets loose and calls the boys who drove them around on the go-sees last week. Four of them come over and bring wine for the girls. They play charades and have fun. However, once the drinks set in things start to get messy. Marjorie is the only girl who is drinking, and she gets into the bathtub (clothed) with one of the guys and Analeigh is concerned. They kick the guys out and put Marjorie to bed.

PHOTO SHOOT: The girls arrive at a traditional windmill where they will be shot with extreme hair and makeup. Jay was particularly happy with the variety of poses Analeigh was doing. Marjorie lacked presence and he tells her she needs to step it up. Sam has a problem with the shoes hurting, and isn’t able to pose for them. She feels like she really blew it and the make up artists console her. McKey was very inventive and impressed everyone on the shoot.


JUDGING: They love McKey’s photo, and they think she is starting to find her signature pose. Marjorie’s picture isn’t very strong and neither was her film. Sam’s film wasn’t that impressive, but her last frames were good and overall they liked her picture. Analeigh took a risk with her (jumping up in the air) and they thought it was fierce.

First name called is Analeigh, who is voted best picture. McKey is the second name called, leaving Sam and Marjorie in the bottom two. Tyra tells them that Marjorie takes exquisite photos, but her film this week was flat. They don’t think she understands balance – one moment she is too nervous and the next she is boring. Samantha just “doesn’t get it” in her actions and clothing. Her film was weak and there’s no place for that at this point. Samantha’s name is called. Marjorie goes home.

The show currentlyairs Wednesdays on the CW at 8 PM ET.

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Photo Credit: The CW

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