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Survivor: Gabon — Tribes Merge, Another Blindside!

November 13, 2008 08:18 PM by Ryan Haidet

Charlie voted off

After the biggest blindside of Survivor: Gabon when Marcus was voted out, the newly formed Kota tribe returned to camp with mixed emotions. Susie, who flipped on her original tribe, was impressed that Kenny came out with guns blazing at Tribal Council. Bob, on the other hand, was shocked that Marcus was voted out. That ouster made him fear for his own survival in the game. “If we’re not in a merge, I’m history — even though I teach science,” Bob joked.

Day 25 at Fang brought treemail that looked like the tribes would still be divided by playing a form of golf at the Reward Challenge. Before heading to the challenge, Corinne said she was hoping for a merge so she could see Marcus again.

Golfing — Survivor style

But when they all arrived at the challenge site, Fang was shocked and sad to see that Marcus had been voted out. “I’m pissed,” Corinne said. “He didn’t deserve to leave the game.”

Host Jeff Probst then explained the tribes were going to face off in a golfing game — Survivor style. Using a slingshot, they had to fire a ball along three Gabon fairways. The tribe to get their ball in the hole in the fewest number of shots after three holes would win the reward — a trip to a village with a dance ceremony, meal and the opportunity to spend the night there.

Kota won the first round with Fang taking the victory at the second hole.

It came down to the third and final hole. Fang landed a shot just about six inches from winning. When they were taking the shot to win, Randy took control and started telling Charlie and Matty how to do it. “Simmer down, Randy,” Matty said. They fought for a while about how to land the simple shot before landing the ball right in the hole. With that, the Fang tribe won the reward.

They decided to send Bob to Exile in hopes that he might find the idol — but Sugar had already found it. The only people who know Sugar holds the idol are Matty, Ken and Crystal.

Dancing at the village

The Fang tribe arrived at the village to a singing, smiling tribe. The villagers then stripped them of some of their clothes and hit them with soaking wet leaves in a cleansing-type ceremony. Then as they wandered around the village, a little girl really warmed up to the group and walked around with them while holding Corinne’s hand.

Charlie discussed how upset he was that Kota voted out Marcus, but that sadness was gone quickly as the villagers started to dance pulling the Survivors up one by one to join them. Randy thought one of the villagers had the hots for him. “I haven’t had a girl come on to me in about 20 years, but I think one of them kind of liked me,” Randy said. “I hate to dance, my feet hurt, my knee hurts, my shoulder hurts and I just ate about four pounds of food, but hell, I danced with her.”

Back at Kota, Ken’s ego was really starting to show as he said in a confessional that he was proud of his gameplay and was confident that he could win the whole thing.

Fashioning a fake idol

Bob fashioned a great-looking fake idol.

Over on Exile, Bob chose a clue for the idol instead of taking comfort. He moved smoothly along the scavenger hunt finding clue after clue. Then he arrived at the final clue’s location where the idol had been hidden. After he couldn’t find the idol, he decided to make his own out of things he had found. And when he was done, it looked great! Much better than Ozzy’s fake stick idol from the Fans Vs. Favorites season. Jason would really have been fooled by this one!

Finally! The merge!

Treemail at Fang on Day 27 revealed that they were about to compete in a fire-making challenge. Randy said that Crystal, who he calls “Sasquatch,” couldn’t start a fire with matches and gasoline.

At the challenge, Probst told the groups they were competing for individual immunity and then said his famous line, “Drop your buffs.” With that, the group was merged into one tribe. They all adorned their fresh, bright blue buffs and prepared for the challenge.

Merged blue buff

The task was simple — use flint, steel and fire-making supplies to build a blaze high enough to burn through a rope. The first person to do that would win individual immunity.

When they got started, Bob was really trying hard and Matty hurt himself. That’s when Susie was the first to spark a flame. Sugar was next. Their fires were burning big and bright as the two were nearly tied in the challenge. Soon after, Susie’s rope burned through and she won immunity.

Probst put the necklace around Susie and then told the group they would now be spending their time at Fang’s camp. All personal items left at Kota would be transferred over.

Randy was not happy to be back with Crystal so he vowed she would be the next to go.

Nobag is born

When the new blue tribe arrived at camp together, they were all thrilled to see treats and food left for them — beans, rice, coffee and more. But the happiness eventually led to strategy sessions. The camp seemed divided. Corinne, Bob, Randy and Charlie were solid. Susie, Crystal, Ken and Matty were also solid. That left Sugar on the outside. So both groups were fighting for her vote.

First, Corinne and Charlie approached her and asked for her to cast a vote against Crystal. She said she wanted Randy out next, but she would think about their suggestion.

Then Ken approached her and said that Charlie was their target because he was the brains of the other alliance. In a confessional he admitted that he was only targeting Charlie because of a personal grudge he had after Charlie showed everybody the note to the immunity idol when they all met up for a feast before the tribes were re-swapped (last week’s episode).

Sugar said in a confessional that she didn’t trust either group and wasn’t sure what she wanted to do.

Before they left to vote out another castaway, the group chose “Nobag” for their tribe name. It’s Gabon spelled backward.

Tribal Council

Randy was about to answer a question when Crystal chimed in asking why he dislikes her so much. He said that in the first nine days he spent at Fang, she made things miserable because she and GC caused a division in the group. He blamed her for losing most of the challenges and called her arrogant.

After that tiff, Probst asked Sugar if being away at Exile was beneficial because she had less opportunity to get on people’s nerves. She said that leaving camp so many times only left more opportunities for people to talk behind her back.

One by one they then approached the voting booth to cast their ballots. Sugar was the last to vote. She shed tears as she was casting an obvious tie-breaking ballot.

Probst read the first four votes — Crystal.

Then the next four — Charlie.

It came down to one vote — Sugar had voted against Charlie making him the second member of the jury. Although he was shocked and blindsided, I guess there’s a positive thing — he gets to be reunited with his pal, Marcus. Looks like the original onion alliance is falling apart.

Images courtesy ofMonty Brinton and Jeffrey R. Staab/CBS. Image of buff courtesy of CBSstore.com.

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