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Extreme Makeover Home Edition: Frisch Family Future!

November 16, 2008 07:05 PM by Candace Young

This week, Ty Pennington and the Design Team is helping another hero, this time it’s a fireman from Toledo, Ohio! Aaron Frisch is a firefighter, and he and his wife Jackie have 11 sons! Aaron and Jackie have three biological children and they went on a mission trip to Haiti where they encountered an orphanage and wound up adopting five boys! The couple recognized that there were children that needed help at home as well, so they adopted three more boys from inner-city Toledo, Ohio.

Jackie was recently diagnosed with a connective tissue disease which causes her joints to dislocate, and has made it necessary for her to have her large intestines removed. She had to quit her job as a counselor, leaving Aaron as the sole breadwinner for the family of 13. They are unable to make necessary repairs to their home.

Paul DiMeo says that a hero is someone who gives hope, and Aaron and Jackie give hope to others. Ty greets the family and Jackie dissolves in tears as she thanks ‘cute’ Ty! The couple shows Ty the inside of their home, explaining that part of the house is a converted garage and that the heating system in the house is insufficient. There are also space issues, and Ty notes that the house was not made for a family of such a size. He is amazed that this family has been dealing with Jackie’s health issues in such a place.

Michael and Paul are collecting information from the boys. The sons from Haiti say that they want to get their education and return to help others there. One of the younger sons says he likes trains. Didiayer talks to some of the other adopted sons and listens to their stories.

Outside, Michael gets sent on vacation to Disney World with the family. They all pile into the limo, and Ty, tells the camera that he sent Michael with them because he has a plan!

Day 1

Followed by representatives of Buckeye Real Estate group, who will do the building, Ty leads a huge crowd of volunteers and firefighters riding on fire trucks. Ty wants to let the family know what’s about to happen so he gets them on the video screen and tells them that they’ve never given up on their family, and this week, there’s a family coming out to help them – it’s called their community! As the Frisch family watches, the firefighters begin ripping the house apart as Ty hollers that they are ‘really on fire’! Soon the excavators move in and demolish the roof.

Day 2/Day 3

Didiayer describes how the house is really coming along, and how the builders have found ways to create extra space. Rib Hillis is working on a desk, and Paul is focusing on the train theme.

Back in Orlando, Michael is planning what rides to go on with the Frisch family. Ty calls him and says he’s sending him a ton of stuff. Michael says he’ll be ready for it!

Day 4

Didiayer is working on beds for the boys, who will have their own space as well. Ty shows off the new insulation and the state-of-the-art hybrid furnace.

Paul is down at the fire station trying to get some inspiration and find out exactly what Aaron goes through. As he goes through some training exercises, Paul explains that the fire brigade is a brotherhood.

Michael, meanwhile, has taken the Frisch family to a private airport where he says that Hasbro, Playskool, and the community in Toledo have been donating toys and supplies that will be taken by plane to Haiti today! Jackie and her family are stunned and appreciative as the warehouse full of donations is revealed. Jackie sobs, as her one Haitian son explains that when he lived in Haiti he would have been lucky to have one toy, let alone school supplies. The plane is loaded and the family watches it take off!

Day 5

Paul shows off a mountain with toy trains that he has built for the youngest son. Didiayer is at a pond in the yard, which will be a place Jackie can go to feel peaceful. Rib is designing a games room with Haitian and American flags for the boys.

Paul tries to get past the police guard into where Ty is working on the ‘secret room’.

Day 6

The house is done and the Sears truck has arrived with the furniture and a pool table! Didiayer explains that this house is going to continue to give what the family gives – and that is love.

Day 7

The limousine arrives and Ty welcomes the Frisch family back. They are overwhelmed by the huge, cheering crowd and the excitement! One of the Haitian boys says it’s ‘like a dream’. They begin chanting ‘move that bus’, and the family explodes as the new house is revealed. The entire family cries as Ty tells them to enjoy their new home, and introduces them to the builders from Buckeye Real Estate.

The family enters their new home for the first time and there is much shouting as the boys exclaim over the sheer size of the space and the seating in the living area. Jackie notices that her angel collection is on one of the tables. There is a gigantic dining room table that will seat all of them, and Ty tells them about the new heating system.

Upstairs, the boys rooms are revealed. There is a computer theme, with private bunks and touch smart computers for doing their homework. In another room, there is a train running around the top of the space, with a mountain that the little guy can ride his trike through! Another room has been done up with a police theme, and yet another has been done in blue with laptops and personal designated spaces! The boys are overjoyed.

Next up, the family checks out their new games room. The boys go crazy as they see the pool table, ping-pong table, and air hockey game! They try out the comfortable seating and Ty mentions that Sears donated the games.

Ty then takes Jackie and Aaron aside and tells them that their bedroom was his special project. They open the door to see a four poster bed, and a log-cabin look for the walls. Ty then reveals that the photo frame they have been waiting to fill until after the last adoption was completed – is now done. They both cry and Jackie says their family is complete.

Outside, they are shown their old pond, which was refurbished and landscaped. The Frisch parents are thrilled, and Aaron say how grateful he is that his children have a place to grow up in. Ty then announces that all of the kids will get a full-ride scholarship to college. The family is overwhelmed at this news. Jackie says that they haven’t been given a house – they’ve been given a future.

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Photos Courtesy: ABC, Toledo Blade

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2 Responses to “Extreme Makeover Home Edition: Frisch Family Future!”

  1. Craig Page Says:
    May 22nd, 2011 at 8:41 pm

    I was watching the rerun of the story of the Frisch Family And It remind of my neice that has Down Syndrom and my Grandson that has Cerelable Palsy. Made me cry Because how there’s people out there that actually care. Helping the one guy with his Coffee shop to make it easy for handicapp assisable.

  2. Shanell Williams Says:
    August 14th, 2011 at 8:56 am

    OMG, I am sitting here watching the rerun on August 14, 2011, what an amazing story…Wow, I’m left speechless once again. What a incredible journey/story this is too see. May the Frish Family receive all of God’s amazing blessings….to see the young children from Haiti see a whole new world…My God….For the other adopted children….Wow…and just to think what the Frish boys think of their incredible Parents to showcase their love towards others…..Now that is what Missionary is all about…to take yourself out of the box and allow God to use you….Wow….I absolutely love this show…would love to meet Ty and his team one day just to hear their amazing story while working on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition….Incredible!!!!!


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