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The Amazing Race 13: In the Land of Borat

November 16, 2008 07:49 PM by Britteny Elrick


There are only five teams remaining this weekas theAmazing Race goes to Kazakhstan! The competition gets tough as a couple teams race to complete one of two hidden fast forwards of the entire race. This legis packed full of fighting andflirting, but more importantly will determine who will be inthe final four…

Nick and Starr are the first team to depart for the fourth time in a row and are instructed to fly to Kazakhstan [yes, home of Borat]. Toni and Dallas aren’t far behind and they are comfortable in the fact that they have been underestimated. While Toni and Nick try to get plane tickets, Dallas and Starr take a little time off to flirt. They travel together to the airport. Ken and Tina feel confident and believe their communication continues to improve.


Andrew and Dan and Terrence and Sarah are the only teams that don’t make it on the first flight to Kazakhstan, however Andrew and Dan end up by themselves on the latest arriving plane. When the teams arrive, it’s in the middle of the night and they are to find a chicken factory. They realize it doesn’t open until the morning so they all have to camp outside. All the teams are there and they think Andrew and Dan won’t make it in time, but they arrived just as the gates were opening.

ROAD BLOCK: A close encounter of the bird kind. They must search among thousands of chickens to find a golden egg.

Both Terrence and Sarah and Nick and Starr leave the road block to try to win the FAST FORWARD. They take off to find a restaurant where they have to eat authentic food made of sheep fat. Toni and Dallas are the first to complete the road block and are told to travel by crane truck and find a path that leads to a mongol warrior. Meanwhile, it’s a tight race between the two teams competing for the fast forward. They are all seated at the table when Terrence stares at a sheep head and realizes what he must eat. He admits he’s a vegetarian and hasn’t eaten meat for fifteen years.


Toni and Dallas are the first to make it to theDETOUR, where they must either play like mad or act like fools. Play like mad they must learn a traditional song and play it for an audience. In act like fools they must travel to a children’s puppet theater and put on a two person cow costume. Then they must travel through the city in costume to find a butcher.

Finally, Terrence and Sarah must leave the fast forward competition because he can’t eat the food. All the other teams have already completed the road block and have moved on to the detour. Nick and Starr make their way to the pit stop and are in the lead once again. Toni and Dallas and Ken and Tina both opt for “act like fools.” They are making their way through the city in the cow costumes. Andrew and Dan start to get into a fight, while Terrence and Sarah are getting lost on the way to the detour.


Toni and Dallasare the first to complete the detour and head to the pit stop. They cross Ken and Tina on their way out and tell them that they need to bring their costume with them so they should go back. Ken and Tina are the third to arrive at the pit stop. Andrew and Dan are fourth to arrive, however, they are told they did not read their clue properly and must go back to the detour. They forgot to bring their costume to the pit stop.

It’s a close foot race between Terrence and Sarah and Andrew and Dan for fourth place, but Andrew and Dan actually make it back first. Terrence and Sarah are the last to arrive and are eliminated.


The Amazing Race airsSunday nights at8 PM ET on CBS.

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