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Dancing With The Stars: Semi Final Showdown!

November 17, 2008 08:09 PM by Paulene Hinds

Tonight on Dancing With the Stars,there was a ballroom rumble as the finals were just a week away. The couples had to prove their showmanship, technique, energy and flair tonight to make it into one of the three top spots next week. They had two dances to prove that they were ready for the finals next week.

Host Tom Bergeron said that he thought this was possibly one of the most competitive final four ever to compete in the semi-finals on the show.

First up this week was the only female contestant left in the competition, Brooke and her partner Derek. Derek was a little frustrated this week with the choreography and Brooke worried about giving the audience the wow factor. Their first dance tonight was the Jive. They did a Rockin’ performance cluttered with mistakes and an illegal lift! Len said that he thought their dance was a disaster. Bruno said that they went for the wow, but the problem was how and he was totally shocked. Carrie Ann said that what bothered her the most was the illegal lift, and she found it was direspectful. Their score for their first dance tonight was 21…winner, winner, chicken dinner just for Maurice!

The second dancers tonight were Cody and Julianne. Tonight was the return of Julianne after having her appendix out. Cody really worked on his stiffness, trying to make his moves smoother. Their first dance was the Pasadoble. Cody pulled out all his dance frustration…looking like an angry man…finally! Bruno said…that was different, but he didn’t like the styling of the dance. Carrie Ann said that for determination a 10, but at this point they need to smooth it out. Len said that he thought they will get their marching orders tonight, their routine was too stiff and like dance qualityto him. They received 22 for their first routine, a better score than Brooke and Derek?

The third couple to give it their best shot tonight was Warren and Kym. Warren got a 10 last week and was overjoyed. This week Warren has had to go and do a show every day this week at NFL network studios. In between shows, Julianne was there to teach him. He was very frustrated this week and was at his wits end. They danced a Mambo as their first dance. The choreography was cute, but Warren didn’t seem as comfortable this week. They received a standing ovation. Carrie Ann said that he knows how to bring the house down, but he has to up the game and bring in more content. Len said that Warren knows how to perform and shows great personality, even though he doesn’t have much technique. Bruno said that he is such a supersized sense of fun that he gets away with murder. Warren and Kym’s score for their first dance was 24!

The final couple tonight was Lance and Lacey. Last week they finally got into Len’s good graces…tonight their Jitterbug dance was dedicated to his grandfather who came into the studio to watch them practice, but they danced a Mambo first. As usual it was sexy with innovative choreography. Again a standing ovation. Len said that he knows he has been a bit tough on them, but this week this was their best dance so far. Bruno said that this is semi-final material! Carrie Ann said that their dance was a showstopper and by far the best dance so far! I was smelling a perfect score…the judges gave them 28, well Carrie Ann gave them a 10 at least!

Next we had round two…with Lance and Lacey at the top of the leader board and Brooke and Derek at the bottom for the very first time!

Len gave his pointers to the dancers tonight. First he was hoping to help the pigeon toed dancer Lance. Next he went to see Cody to help him with his hip action…he was having too much fun. With Brooke he wanted to work on her leg action, to help her straighten her legs and not flex them so often. The last on the list was Warren…he had to help him work on his feet and get the flicks, but Warren actually taught len something…a wobbly hip move!!!

Before the contestants gave it their all, a pair of world reknowned Salsa dancers came out and showed the first two couples how it should be done.

The first semi-finalist trying to make their last attempt tonight for a top 3 spot was Brooke and Derek dancing the Salsa. Another standing ovation. Bruno said…Brooke is back! Carrie Ann said that there were a lot of lifts in the routine, but they were working into the routine and she was back. Len said that they should work to their strengths next week if they come back. Their second score was 28 which makes a score of 49 out of 60.

Next on the floor was Cody and Julianne dancing the Salsa. He still looks like a little kid! Carrie Ann said that it was alot of fun, but he was lacking some musicality. Len said that he thought Cody came out and his hips were working nicely and did great lifts. Bruno said he was a cheeky devil and he worked it and was great fun. Their second score was 24 which gives them a combined total of 46 out of 60.

The third and fourth couples chose the Jitterbug. Out came professional Swing champions to show the couples how it should be done. The couple were definately on fast forward for that routine!

Warren and Kym came out to do their own version of the Jitterbug. It was very slow compared to the pros. Awwwwww so cute! Len said that the audience loves to watch him perform. Bruno said that Warren always makes an impression, but Len’s master class didn’t work. Carrie Ann said that she loved it and his feet were working a mile a minute and the lifts were incredible although she thought he was going to dropKym. They received a score of 25…so a 49 out of 60.

Up next, Lance and Lacey did a Jitterbug for their bid in the finals. The routine definately made his grandfather proud! Poor Lance lost his shoe though!!! Bruno said, shoes off or shoes on…it was amazing! Carrie Ann said that magic happened tonight on the dance floor! Len said that Lance came out tonight and danced two fabulous dances! I DO SMELL A 30!!!! His grand father was his lucky charm tonight. 29 was their score…Len was being cranky again, a total of 57 out of 60!

Tomorrow night, one more couple will be eliminated and the final three will stand on the podium awaiting their chance to dance in the finals next week. There will be a two hour extravaganza beginning at 8 PM ET, which will include the final round of the kid’s competition. At 9 PM ET John Legend, Liona Lewis and Julianne Hough will sing and reigning champion Krista Yamaguchi and Mark Ballas will dance for the audience. Also, a very special guest will sing for everyone in the ballroom, Aretha Franklin!

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Photo Credit: ABC

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2 Responses to “Dancing With The Stars: Semi Final Showdown!”

  1. nyfilmguy Says:
    November 17th, 2008 at 8:43 pm

    I thought I saw Mitzi Gaynor in the audience tonight. Can anyone tell me if that was really her?

  2. dwtsfan08 Says:
    November 18th, 2008 at 8:49 am

    I didn’t see her. The official DWTS has a good recap as well: http://dancingstarsabc.livejournal.com/13638.html?view=46918#t46918


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