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Simon Cowell And Terri Seymour Talk About Split

November 17, 2008 08:00 AM by Joe Reality

Simon Cowell And Terri Seymour On Extra TV

Rumors have been flying fast and furious since it was revealed that American Idol judge Simon Cowell and his longtime girlfriend Terri Seymour had broken up. In their first television interview since the split, Simon Cowell and Terri Seymour talked to Extra about what really happened.

When asked why they broke up, Simon Cowell replied, “Because Terri decided to dump me,You sent me a text.” Terri Seymour responded, “I didn’t dump you…Just time. We had a great six years and we’re the best of friends.”

Despite the breakup, the couple still talks every day. Simon Cowell said, “I do call Terri, first, when I’ve got an issue or I’m moaning about something, or I want to bounce an idea off.” Terri Seymour responded, “We do speak more now on the phone all the time. It’s true.”

One of the biggest rumors that has been circulating since the breakup is that Simon Cowell gave Terri Seymour $9 million (5 million pounds) as a parting gift. Cowell clarified, “That is actually not a true story. If anything I should be getting the money. Rumors come around, just people read things, then they create a story. But no, there was no 5 million pounds, no.”

The entire interview with Simon Cowell and Terri Seymour airs on Extra on Monday, November 17.

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Photo Credit: EXTRA

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