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Jon Reep Talks About Life After Last Comic Standing

November 18, 2008 01:00 PM by Paulene Hinds

Jon Reep was the Last Comic Standing in Season Five of the hit show and since then he has been busy touring the country with his comedy act and reaping the rewards of his win in his hometown of Hickory, North Carolina. He spoke to NBC.com not too long agoabout his life after the show, and the funniest thing that the fans never got to see on the air.

So what does a famous comic do after winning the title of The Last Comic Standing? When NBC.com asked Reep what he has been up to since the fifth season of the show ended he replied, “I got married. Or as they say in Hawaii, “I got maui’d.” Isn’t that cute?”

He added, “My wife and I had been planning our wedding for over a year and it just so happened that about a week after I won LCS we were in Hawaii getting hitched. It was great because it got me out of the LCS tour for a couple of weeks.”

Reep was also in the movie “Harold & Kumar escape from Guantanamo Bay” and played a farmer named “Raymus.” He commented about his role, “I know, it’s weird.”

Other than the movie role what has Reep been up to? “I’ve just been touring all over the country like a politician, shaking hands, kissing babies, and working on my websites: JonReep.com and myspace.com/JonReep” he said.

NBC.com also asked Reep how Last Comic Standing changed his life and received a comedic response, “I grew three inches, I have two new teeth in the back of my mouth, and I now have X-ray vision. I’m joking; I don’t have X-ray vision.”

So how did the show, REALLY change his life? Well interestingly enough, some great things did happen to him, especially when he returned home. Reep said, “I think my favorite thing was going back to my hometown of Hickory, NC where the mayor gave me the key to the city and proclaimed February 21st ‘Jon Reep Day’. Which means I can do anything I want on that day. You better hope it’s not on a Sunday, Chic-Fil-A!”

Headded, “They also named a street after me. So if you’re ever in Hickory, be sure to take a drive on Jon Reep Street. You can speed but please don’t litter. Plus, I did a show for 3,000 people at the Hickory Metro Convention Center. Yes, Hickory has a metro center…what about it?”

The life of a comedian is sometimes tough, especially having to tour and when NBC.com asked Reep what it is like being on the road, he replied, “Well, I’ve been a “professional comic” for over 10 years now so I was used to the road already. But after a while it starts to wear you down. It makes you want to get a sitcom real, real bad!”

There are always scenes that don’t go to air, or things that we never see on TV, and NBC.com asked Reep to tell the fans out there a funny story from the show that they never got to see happen on the air.

Reep recalled this one, “There’s too many to choose from here. But, one of my favorites is when Doug Benson and I repeatedly snuck vodka onto the short bus on our way to the challenges. Those days were very long and we knew we where going to be stuck somewhere for 10 hours or more at a time, so we decided to take coffee cups and fill them up with vodka. It made the time go by much faster and it’s probably why Doug never won a challenge.”

Did Reep have any parting words of advice for would be-comedians? Of course he did…”Yes, don’t do it. There’s too many of us as it is. Finish school, get a good job, and get to know your family. But first, add me as a friend on Myspace. Again, that’s myspace.com/JonReep.”

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Photo Credit: dejavucomedy.com

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