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America’s Next Top Model Cycle 11 Finale: There’s a new Cover Girl in town

November 19, 2008 08:05 PM by Britteny Elrick

America's Next Top Model

It’s down to three girls in the competitionto win thetitle of America’s Next Top Model. Onelucky lady will be receiving a $100,000 contract with Elite Model Management, a spread and covershoot forSeventeen Magazine, and aone year contract with Cover Girl. Find out which girlwas ablemodel her wayall the way to the top…

TYRA MAIL: Easy, breezy cover girl!

CHALLENGE: The girls are given some lines to memorize for their lip gloss commercial (in Dutch). They will be shooting that as well as a print ad for Cover Girl. The winner will receive a billboard in Time Square. They also need to act out a scene-stealing kiss!

Analeigh completely blanked out in her first take and was too rigid. She started crying and so Jay fed her the lines. Sam was lacking confidence and McKey was too fidgety. Jim de Yonker is the guest photographer for the print ad. Sam wasn’t clever enough with her poses, while Analeigh wasn’t very approachable. He thought McKey was “cooky” but he loved it. The girls discover that tomorrow one of the three will be eliminated.

America's Next Top Model

Tyra shows them their commercial and print ads. They thought Samantha’s was too choppy and not convincing. Her photo appeared forced. Analeigh’s commercial was painful; she chopped up the lines and wasn’t natural. They thought her photo looked like an actress headshot. McKey did a good job but went a bit too fast. They loved her photo and thought it was the best.

Tyra calls McKey’s name first. She tells Analeigh that she has strong poses, but her soft print face doesn’t work. Samantha seems too commercial, however, with her poor performance this week it just made the judges confused. Samantha’s name is called and Analeigh is sent home. Tyra tells Sam that she needs to figure out her smile and in-person appearance. McKey and Sam will compete in the final runway show.

America's Next Top Model

The girls are sent to complete their Seventeen Magazine cover shoots in the event they should win. Later on, they arrive at the runway location. Jay greets them and they see a hot pink hilly runway that is weaved throughout the room. They needed to run up the hills or they would fall back!

Backstage, they get hair and makeup done and Tyra comes to give them a pep talk. Sam almost starts to break down from her nerves before the show. Whitney and several of the other past winners are also modeling in the show. After the show, Tyra tells them they did wonderful and stood out among the other models.

They thought Sam looked a bit fearful, but liked the way she worked the garment. McKey did a good job, but they wish she could learn to walk better in heels. Then the judges go through all their past photo shoots and compare photos. They think that Sam appears commercial, yet photographs as a high fashion model. She needs to work on her walk more than McKey. They feel McKey is very photogenic and has better personality on screen than Sam.

Tyra announces that MCKEY IS AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL!!!


Sam says she never saw herself as a pretty girl, but now she does. McKey is taken immediately to do a photo shoot with Nygel Barker.

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Photo Credit: The CW

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  1. Paulene Hinds Says:
    November 20th, 2008 at 9:53 pm

    Yay McKey! There were screams in our household!


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