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Stylista: Elite Street or Elle’s Angels?

November 19, 2008 08:49 PM by Britteny Elrick


Tonight on Stylista, the editor hopefuls will gettheopportunity to be a New York insider. They attend a party at Bungalow 8, where they willhang out withfashion world elites and most importantly try to impress Anne. Of course,the week can’tgo by without a fair share of breakdowns and catfights. See what happened…

Megan is fuming at Kate after she was thrown under the bus last week. Danielle calls home and talks about how she can’t believe that she has made it into the final six.

EDITORIAL TASK: They need to purchase a thank you gift that Anne will present to Amy Sacco, owner of New York hot spot Bungalow 8. They break into teams of two with a budget of $250.00 and one hour. Megan and Johanna present a cashmere throw for travelling. Dyshaun and Kate come back with a Chanel broach. Ashlie and Danielle made up a travel survival kit. Anne chooses the cashmere throw, although she wished it was a higher grade. Johanna and Megan will get to choose the teams. They will accompany Anne to a social event at Bungalow 8, and then create a party page for the magazine. The page must have exciting, insider partyphotos and a theme or concept.


Megan and Johanna are split up to choose the teams. Johanna, Kate, Danielle are one team; and Megan, Ashlie, and Dyshaun are on the other. The teams are given binders with information about the guests at the party, and then they are allowed to choose an outfit from the Elle closet to wear! Danielle fears that nothing will fit her and hides away from the other contestants for awhile. Her fellow rivals feel very bad for her.

Johanna asks Kate if she can have some input on her dress because she doesn’t want it to be too sleazy. When Kate gets dressed, the entire house is shocked at how short the dress is. The teams spend the rest of the evening studying the roster of guests because Anne made it very clear that was an important issue. Megan’s team decided to split up the roster and memorize 30 each as opposed to all 82. Johanna made some notecards. Danielle asks Johanna and Ashlie what they really think about her when they see her weight. She starts breaking down they are talking and she doesn’t want to go to the party. Johanna stays up all night and studies the names, while Kate says she doesn’t feel like it.


When they arrive at the party, they are greeted by Anne. She starts pointing out different guests and asks them their names and one fact about them. Megan’s team guesses them all correctly. Johanna is particularly frustrated as many of the people aren’t looking like they did on the roster.

The teams are sent back to Elle and given pictures from the party. Johanna’s theme was “Elite Street.” Megan’s team decided to focus on the fact that they saw alot of leather and chose “Elle’s Angels” as a theme. Team two was first to be judged. Anne loved the title of Elle’s Angels. The judges were concerned there was no picture of the host, but they thought they wrote too much text. They also misspelled the name of one guest. Team one’s layout was a little more simplistic. Katie took full credit for the layout, which they liked. However, they didn’t feel that they made it look like a party they wanted to go to. Danielle admitted that she basically just typed up the page and didn’t have much input. The judges also pointed out that they completely labeled on of the guests incorrectly.


Team two wins for the week and so Danielle, Kate and Johanna go to see the judges.Kate makes it through based on the fact that she fought for the layout that they liked so much. Danielle is sent home because she didn’t give enough to her team and just did what she was told.


The show airsWednesdays 9 PM ET on The CW.

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Photo Credit: The CW

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