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Dancing With the Stars: Mirror Ball Trophy Winner Prediction

November 20, 2008 03:39 PM by Paulene Hinds

ThisTuesday, Dancing With the Stars will crown a new “Ballroom Dance Champion” and along with all the glory of the title, the winner will receive the coveted mirror ball trophy! This season the three finalists going toe to toe for the championship are; the beautiful model/actress Brooke Burke, singer/actor/producer Lance Bass and NFL pro football player Warren Sapp. Who is going to become the King or Queen of the ballroom this season is anyone’s guess, but Reality TV magazinehasmade a prediction of who will dance away with the trophy and be crowned the “Dancing With the Stars Champion.”

Before we makeour prediction, we thought that you should know a little bit of a background on each finalist and the basis that this decision is made upon.

The first contestant vying for the title is Brooke Burke. Brooke’s exotic glamour is her main appeal and it has gotten hera career emceeing programs for the E! entertainment network. Brooke maintained a particularly high profile on that station’s travel series Wild On, while also posing for countless modeling shots, calendars, and swimsuit covers. She was the subject of Red Shoe Diaries creator Zalman King’s 2002 biographical portrait Barely Brooke,and played a small role in the 2004 Ben Stiller comedy Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story. The following year sheteamed up with reality TV giant Mark Burnett to co-host the competitive reality series Rock Star: INXS (2005) and the follow-up season, Rock Star: Supernova (2006), opposite Dave Navarro.

What makes Brooke a strong contender for the trophy is her beautiful body and her ability to move it like she was born to dance. She is able to hyper-extend her arms and her legs, which is a draw to the judges eye. Her partner Derek Hough,a former world champion in Latin American Dance has the ability to choreograph routines that Brooke is able to interpret on the dance floor. Brooke’s weakness however is her inability to remember routines (as Derek has stated on many occasions on the show).Wethink that Brooke is beginning to crumble under the pressure of two routines a week and with the added pressure of the Dance Off, she may just break. Her goal this Monday will be to stay focused and remember the choreography in order to remain a contender for the prize and we don’t think she will be able to do that.

The next celebrity hoping to strong arm his way to the prize is Warren Sapp. Warren is a NFL mainstay with a 13 year history. Warren was a successful pro football player with both the Tampa Bay Buckaneers and the Oakland Raiders. His history making on field assignment known as the “three technique defensive tackle” (which positioned him between the tackle and the offensive guard) helped him earn countless honors including seven Pro Bowls and a Super Bowl victory in 2002. Warren formally announced his retirement from the NFL in 2007 and is currently doingshows with the NFL network studios.

Why is Warren in the final three you may ask, with his big body and flat feet?We think that Warren is still there because of his loveability. Even though he doesn’t have much technical ability, he always has fun when he dances and he is able to pull the viewer into his world. His winking at the judges and the crowd also helps. He is hard to resist, like a big, lovable teddy bear that you just want to squeeze. Unfortunately for Warren he will not win the crown this week. He had great difficulty with his schedule last week filming a show for NFL network studios and learning the routines. His partner Kym Johnson, an Australian former professional ballroom dancer, model, television celebrityand champion on the Australia’s Dancing with the Stars, was not able to add a lot of content to their routine due to hisscheduling difficulties last week and the finale will be even harder. This weekWarren will have to add some technicalspice to go along with his showmanship flair and as cute as he is, he is no twinkle toes on the dance floor.

The final star pulling out all the stops this week is Lance Bass. Lance has a large number of accomplishments including singer/dancer/actor/producer and even certified Cosmonaut!Lance is best known though as a member of the famous pop group *NSYNC.He executive produced and starred in the Miramax film “On the Line” that received the coveted Movieguide award for excellence in family-oriented programming and alsoreceived the Golden Apple Award as Male Film Discovery of 2001. Lance has made guest appearances in films and television which included being a resident judge on NBC’s recent hit series America’s Most Talented Kid.

Although Lance began the season with little self-esteem surrounding his ability to dance, with the help of his amazing partner Lacey Schwimmer an American competitive ballroom dancer best known as one of the Top 4 Finalists on the 2007 season of So You Think You Can Dance,he has really blossomed. This seasonwe think that Lance will take home the Mirror Ball trophy and rightfully deserves to. He has continued to grow throughout this season of the show and has taken direction well from his partner. The couple continue to dance to the beat of their own drummer, but make sure to add the required elements to please the judges and the viewers. Their unique take on ballroom is exciting and they haverevamped standardmoves, updating themso theyappeal to a younger crowd. Lacey’s choreography is cutting edge and Lance is not afraid to try anything she throws at him.

The biggest benefit for Lance inthe last stretch of thiscompetition is that he hasless things to distract him fromhis rehearsal time compared to his competitors. Warren is busy with the NFL network show and Brooke has four children to distract her. They must divide their time, but Lance is fully concentrating on the prize 100%. If Lance comes on as strong this week as he has in the past three, he will definitely win this season!

So,our prediction for the seventh season winner of Dancing With the Stars is…Lance Bass. Brooke Burke will come in second and Warren Sapp third.

Regardless of whomever wins the show next week, the finale is sure to be filled with a lot of fantastic dancing and ballroom drama! It is onenot to be missed.

The Dancing With the StarsFinale airs Monday at 8 PM ET and the Results Show to crown the ballroom KING (inour opinion) will air on Tuesday at 8 PMon ABC.

Reality TV Magazine is your source of Dancing with the Stars news. For other great reality TV news, please feel free to visit SirLinksALot: Dancing With the Stars.

Photo Credit: ABC

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