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Survivor: Gabon — Blindside By A Fake Idol!

November 20, 2008 08:29 PM by Ryan Haidet

Merged tribe

Survivor: Gabon is shaping up to be one of the nastiest seasons ever. The newly merged tribe of Nobag is constantly fighting along enemy lines as more and more people keep turning on each other. Tonight’s episode was no exception. On Night 27, after Charlie was blindsided, Corinne felt on the outside and felt she, Bob and Randy were the next targets — she was right in her assumption, but little did she know that one of her own allies was about to flip.

On Day 28, Bob and Sugar talked in the woods regarding the hidden immunity idol. He openly admitted to her that he hadn’t found the idol, but that he did fashion a fake one. He even showed it to her! She was so surprised at how good it looked (as was I). The twist on Bob is that Sugar held the true idol.

Corinne told Randy that she thinks the final three is shaping up to be Susie, Crystal and Kenny. She felt their best bet was to try and sway Matty over to their side.

But first…they all got $500 in treemail — time for an auction!


In the Survivor auction, each castaway was to use their $500 to buy items from host Jeff Probst. They were not allowed to share items or pool their cash together. And they needed to spend their money instead of waiting too long since the auction was set to end without warning.

First up were a few beers and peanuts. Randy won the bidding war and got them for $180.

The next item was a mystery. Randy went to $320, but Kenny won it for $340. It was a simple note that he won — but it had a lot of power. He was given the opportunity to send himself or somebody else to Exile — the twist was he would get all of the person’s remaining money. So he sent Bob and took his $500.

Next up was another mystery item that Randy bid $320 on. Sugar topped him with $340 and won chocolate and peanut butter.

Other items: Susie won a bath and fresh, clean clothes. Randy got spaghetti and wine. Matty got a burger and fries for $400.

Corinne said before the auction that she would hold her money until something that could save her in the game came up. When Probst brought out a bottle that had an advantage for the next immunity challenge, she shelled out all $500. He told her the bottle needed to remain sealed until the challenge.

Finally, the last mystery item was for the entire tribe. Randy bid $20 and a plate of big cookies was revealed. Probst told him that they were for the whole group. When Randy offered one to Sugar, she said no. So he moved on and gave Corinne one and a half cookies. He gave the other half of Sugar’s cookie to Matty. Then he went back to Sugar with one cookie left and offered it to her. She took it off the plate and handed it to Matty. Randy was livid. That was his cookie to do what he pleased with it and she just gave it away. If she wasn’t going to take it, he wanted it. Randy felt Matty had already had his share.

Safari and Operation Strongarm

At Exile, Bob took a clue to the idol over comfort yet again, but after he realized he got a clue he had already found along his search last time, that he wasn’t going to bother hunting again. He went on his own little safari of Africa and enjoyed the beauty of the land.

Back at camp, Randy had a plan up his sleeve. It was Day 30 and he told Corinne, “FYI, I’m crashing and burning today.” His plan was to act nasty to everybody so they would all target him at the next Tribal Council. Both he and Corinne assumed Bob had found the hidden idol and would give it to him so they could all blindside Susie.

“Operation Strongarm” was underway.

“Why can’t she (Susie) yawn and not make a noise?” Randy nitpicked to Matty. He even cussed Susie out in the hut. Other castaways were getting fed up really quickly. “He is a troll,” Crystal said.

They all fall down…

At the Immunity Challenge, Probst explained the simple concept they were all about to face. In the first round of a two-part challenge, they all had to carry three bags of puzzle pieces one at a time across a series of balance beams. The first three competitors to complete that task would move on to the final round. Before they began that part, Corinne read her note and learned that she was getting to sit out of the first round and would move right to the final portion of the challenge.

In a quick race across the beams, Matty finished first followed by Kenny moments later.

Matty, Kenny and Corinne then had to take the puzzle pieces and place them along angled boards in the final part of the challenge. The pieces stood like dominoes in a line — and that was the goal. To form a domino line that would fall once completed to raise a flag. The tricky part, however, is that they had to maneuver around a bunch of trip wires that would make the wooden pieces topple over before they were all set up. That was always the most frustrating part of dominoes, right?

Once the battle began, it was very close all the way until the end. All three had their dominoes lined up and made them start to fall. Corinne’s stopped midway as did Matty’s. Kenny took the prize after all of his fell perfectly.

Kenny wins immunity

Bob hands off his fake idol

Back at camp, Randy felt he had the whole group angry enough at him to throw votes his way at Tribal Council. Now all he needed was Bob’s hidden immunity idol.

Sugar had pulled Bob aside again and told him it would be a good move for him to vote against Randy. But it would be an even better move to give Randy the fake idol.

Corinne then pulled Bob aside and told him their plan. It was all falling into place just like the dominoes in the Immunity Challenge. In the hut, Bob pulled out his fake idol, which looks incredibly convincing, and the two headed off into the woods where he passed it off to Randy. They agreed that they would vote for Susie and blindside her in an act of revenge for turning on their original alliance. “Bob did one of the most selfless acts I’ve ever seen, which was to give me his hidden immunity idol,” Randy said.

Moments before the trek to Tribal Council, Sugar told her allies that the night was about to get funky.

Sugar not so sweet


At Tribal Council the remaining eight contestants discussed the cookie incident. “It wasn’t the last cookie — it was my cookie,” Randy argued. Sugar said the whole thing was stupid because they were fighting over cookies. That’s when Susie chimed in and said that she felt sorry for Randy. He responded by saying that he was sincere about the cookie and that’s why he went off at camp.

Randy also said that he wasn’t too worried about being voted off at previous Tribal Councils, but this time he said he felt nervous.

They all went up to cast their ballots. When Sugar voted for Randy she said, “You are a disgusting, old, hot-headed, chauvinistic, alcoholic bigot. And you need to grow up before you die alone. Loser.” Then Randy voted for Susie and said it wasn’t strategic, but it was personal. When Crystal went to cast her vote, she didn’t keep her comments quiet at all. She really vocalized her negative feelings for Randy as she wrote his name down.

Probst came back with the votes and said that if anybody wanted to play a hidden idol that now was the time. Randy stood up and handed off Bob’s fake idol. Both he and Corinne looked thrilled because they thought they had pulled off a great blindside, but most everybody laughed at him. Probst announced that it was not a true immunity idol and tossed it into the fire. Randy looked right at Bob, who looked extremely upset — almost as if he had instantly regretted his decision. Both Randy and Corinne looked stunned and disappointed.

As Probst read the votes one by one, Sugar, Crystal and Kenny could barely contain their laughter — and it was really disappointing to see them act so childish. It made Sugar (and the others) not look so sweet. They had duped the man they wanted out of the game for a long time. But they seem to be forgetting that the people they are laughing at are the ones who will have the power to give away the $1 million prize at the end of the game.

With five votes, Randy became the third member of the jury.

Randy voted off

Images courtesy of Jeffrey R. Staab and Monty Brinton/CBS.

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