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A Supportive Wife Swaps With A No-Nonsense Wife On Wife Swap

November 21, 2008 07:00 AM by Joe Reality

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On this week’s episode of Wife Swap, the Berwick family and the Roachford family are featured. Denise Berwick supports her husbands’ rock star dreams, while Val Roachford runs her house with an iron hand. Denise and Val will swap places and get a chance to see life from each other’s perspective.

The Berwick family lives in Illinois. The Berwick family consists of Pete and Denise and their ten year old daughter Faith. Pete is fifty years old and has been pursuing his dream of rock stardom for thirty years. Denise is completely supportive of Pete’s dreams. Faith often feels that she takes second place to her father’s dreams.

Pete is so committed to making it as a rock star that he even takes bookings on holidays. Unfortunately, his music jobs don’t bring in enough to cover all the bills, so he also has work delivering singing telegrams. Denise does all the household chores for both Pete and Faith.

The Roachford family lives in Georgia. The Roachford family consists of Greg and Val and their nine children. Val runs the household like a business, even teaching the kids to unload groceries assembly line style. Val expects Greg and the children to pitch in to keep the house running smoothly. Nineteen year old Briana functions as a third parent, and she helps take care of her eight brothers and sisters. Unfortunately, this never leaves her with a moment alone.

In the first week of the swap, Denise Berwick struggles to adjust to the efficiency of the Roachford home. Even though Denise is troubled by all the work being done by the Roachford children, she forms a bond with Briana. On the other hand, Val Roachford experiences life in a chicken suit singing for the Berwick family’s supper. Val is not pleased with how much time Pete spends away from home.

In the second week of the swap, Denise Berwick gets the Roachford family dressed up in chicken suits in order to perform “the world’s largest chicken gram.” Meanwhile, Val Roachford has the Berwick family celebrate “Holiday Day” and takes away Pete’s instruments. Wife Swap airs on Friday, November 21 from 8 PM to 9 PM ET on ABC.

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