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Supernanny Aids A Widow

November 21, 2008 08:20 PM by Lisa Stauber

Supernanny is answering a different call for help this week. Antoinette’s children are not out of control or wild. However, she is newly widowed and unsure how to navigate the waters of single parenthood. She asks Supernanny for help in raising her son to be a strong man without his father, and in setting up a routine. Jo Frost can’t say no to such a heartfelt plea and is on her way to help.

Supernanny arrives and meets 2 year old Selah and infant Christian. “This is not a normal observation for me,” Jo says. “I just hope I can help her with whatever she needs.” Antoinette is simply overwhelmed, and there are many reminders throughout the house. She’s not sure how

much Selah understands about her father’s death. It’s been explained to her, but Selah keeps asking wehn Daddy will be home.

Jo thinks Selah is acting out a bit in reaction to Antoinette’s devoted care for Dwight, her late husband. He needed round the clock care, and Selah is looking for kind, firm boundaries. Antoinette admits she doesn’t get out much. “I’m doing the bare minimum of everything,” she says.

Jo wants to help Antoinette connect with her friends and support system. She forgot to make dinner, because she doesn’t have a schedule. The children go down well af

ter a late dinner, but Antoinette is clearly just muddling through life right now and needs guidance.
Parent Meeting
Supernanny discusses a few things that she’s noticed that will help Antoinette. First up is a routine. Jo also wants to help her start a system to build a legacy and build traditi

ons. Supernanny encourages Antoinette to stay close to the other men that are around, Dwight’s friends and relatives, to give the children a strong male role model.

Jo takes Antoinette to the park to help her deal with her anger. There are no kids around, and Antoinette lets her feelings out. She cries and yells. “Why couldn’t I have more time?” she cries. “I feel like my life was stolen from me!” She feels better after acknowledging her anger and sad

ness. “Jo made it okay for me,” she says.

Teaching Time
The ladies head back home to create a routine. Jo is also going to give Antoinette a refresher course on how to care for a baby, since she was so wrapped up in caring for her sick husband. Jo shows her how to make formula, feed the baby, and burp him.

Next Jo helps her tackle her to-do list. Prioritizing helps keep things from becoming overwhelming. Dwight dealt with all of the bills, but Antoinette’s going to have to take that over. Jo has invited some friends over, Roland and Ron who loved the family. “Will you help me raise my children?” Antoinette asks them. “Absolutely,” they say. They even tackle Dwight’s last do-it-yourself project that has been left undone for months.

Supernanny has made a memory picture book for Selah. Now Daddy can go with her wherever she goes. Jo also gives Antoinette a recorder so she can record memories and stories, so they do not forget. Jo leaves for a few days, and tells Antoinette to cry and laugh with the children while she’s gone.

While Jo is gone, Antoinette records the memory of when Dwight proposed. She took the kids to the park and got everything done. Selah colors on the carpet and has to go in the naughty chair, but Antoinette handles it like a pro. She forgets to make Selah apologize but Jo is still proud of her.

Supernanny has two more surprises for Antoinette before she leaves. A few of Dwight’s friends record their memories of Dwight. Then all of Antoinette’s friends and family members arrive at the park to show how much they love her and to tell her they will help and support her.

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Photos courtesy ABC.

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