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The Amazing Race 13: Do they sell shoes in Russia?

November 23, 2008 07:43 PM by Britteny Elrick


Only four teams remaining this week on the Amazing Race. As they head to Moscow, will Andrew and Dan be able to make up for lost time after misreading their clues again? Will Nick and Starr be able to maintain their lead or will Starr’s flirting get in the way of her game? Find out who’s making it to the final three…

Nick and Starr are the first to depart for Moscow, Russia. They must travel to a monastery and light a candle to receive their next clue. Toni and Dallas depart an hour and a half later, but they are willing to do whatever it takes to take the lead in this leg of the race. Both teams are at the airport waiting, and Dallas continues to flirt and hold hands with Starr. Nick says he isn’t concerned about Starr being distracted by Dallas because he knows she is focused. Ken and Tina leave an hour later, at 11 pm, and they realize they really need to focus on communication. Andrew and Dan are far behind and on top of it all, they left their shoes at a temple on the last leg. When they arrive at the airport, Dallas points out a 24hr shoe shop. They buy the cheapest possible sneakers, which were $300.00.


All teams arrive in Moscow on the same flight and then race by taxi to the monastery. The teams discover that there is a huge language barrier and also that that they are quickly running out of money. Toni/Dallas and Nick/Starr arrive simultaneously at the monastery. Now they must travel to the outskirts of Moscow to find an old military base. Ken and Tina’s driver gets lost, but they are still in third place. Toni and Dallas are the first to receive their clue for the detour.

DETOUR: Boots or Borscht. Boots: teams must wear a traditional military uniform and learn a march, then march and entire lap around the grounds. Borscht: teams must wear a military uniform and serve Borcht to 85 men.


Nick and Starr’s taxi keeps getting lost and they are now trailing behind in last place. Meanwhile, Andrew/Dan and Ken/Tina arrive at the military base. All the teams decide to do the marching. However, Andrew has issues putting on the military socks so after awhile they decide to take off the uniforms and switch to the Borscht task. The bad news is, when they start doing serving the Borsht, they realize they are supposed to be wearing the uniforms! They begin to get frustrated with themselves and their inability to read the clues correctly. Then they decide to just do the marching task. They have to do the march several times over because Dan cannot do it correctly. Then, they give up and go back to the Borscht!!! Toni and Dallas maintain their lead and move on to the next location to find a road block.

ROAD BLOCK: Become a delivery person and unload fifty 50lb bags of flour and stack them properly.

Dallas is starting to get really tired after carrying 20 bags. His mother tells him to stop carrying two at a time but he is determined to be in the lead. Ken and Tina arrive, and Ken is hoping that his career in the NFL has prepared him for this task. Ken starts to catch up, but Dallas is the first to complete the road block and head to the pit stop. Nick and Starr finally arrive. Nick tries to lift two bags at a time but finds he is not strong enough. They finish the task before Andrew and Dan arrive.


Dallas and Toni are the first to arrive to the pit stop. Andrew and Dan run out of money for their taxi and realize they probably shouldn’t have bought those shoes. They try to barter with the taxi driver and offer everything they own, but he is not having it. Ken and Tina are the second to arrive, followed by Nick and Starr. Andrew and Dan are the last to arrive but find out it is not an elimination leg. They will encounter a speed bump on the next leg of the race.

The Amazing Race airsSunday nights at8 PM ET on CBS.

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