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Dancing With the Stars: The Final Three, Work It Out!

November 24, 2008 08:15 PM by Paulene Hinds

Tonight on Dancing With The Stars,the three couples who survived the last nine weeks of the competition danced for the big prize…the mirror ball trophy. The war was on the floor and this was being toted the greatest finale of all times.

The first dance of the evening was the “Group Samba Smackdown” andthe couples had to pick their number for placement in the routine; Brooke was first, Lance second and Warren third. The couples rehearsed separately and as a group and while the couples did their group rehearsals, they definitely held back so the others were not sure what they were up against.

After their performance, Len said that in order to have great dancing you need great music and they had that,thanks to the best band in the land. He thought that all of the dancers performed well. He said that Warren had much more content this week, but he was stilla little concerned about his feet. Len loved Lance’s energy but thought that he needed to work on the finesse of his dance and Len then said that Brooke was still the one to beat.

Bruno said that Brooke was a dazzling sexy dancer and every guy would like to drive that model! He thought that Lance could be a leading man and told Warren that he is lovely to watch.

Carrie Ann said that Lance had momentum and gets better and better, but Warren is definitely the most improved and has the connection with the viewer that no one else can touch. Carrie Ann said that Brooke brings the technical nuance to the floor and is fantastic.

The judges gave Brooke and Derek ascore of 28. Carrie Ann 9, Len 9 and Bruno 10!

Lance and Lacey’s score was 26. Carrie Ann 9, Len 8 and Bruno 9.

Warren and Kym received a 25 from the judges. Carrie Ann 9, Len 7 and Bruno 9.

After the group routine, Brooke andDerek were in the lead with 28, while Warren and Kym were at the bottom of the leader board with 25.

The most exciting round of the season was next…the freestyle routines. These routines usually sealed the deal for the dancers each season.

First up were Brooke and Derek. She talked about choking last week and this week she was pulling out all the stops. She knew there was no room for error tonight and had to be perfect. Their freestyle routine was to “Your The One That I Want” from Grease. Bruno said that Brooke is the one that everyone wants. He said that their routine was beyond belief and one of the best that he had ever seen. Carrie Ann said that they brought it! Len said that their routine was the best freestyle he had ever seen! Their score was 30. A perfect score!

Up next were the rebels, Lance and Lacey. Last week they took over the leader board with their mesmerizing routine. This week they were ready to take the trophy home and were heading to the finish line. They danced a Hip Hop to “It’s Tricky.” Carrie Ann said that she loved the beginning and the end, but she thought that there was one little section (the Cha Cha Cha) that threw it off. Len said it is tricky, tricky, tricky. Len also said that it was fun and he liked the few bars of Cha Cha Cha. Bruno said that it was youthful, vibrant and exciting and it made him smile. Their score was 27, triple 9′s!

The last couple to perform their freestyle dance were Warren and Kym. Last week his technique missed the mark and this week he was going to strive for perfection. He was looking for a perfect score. They danced to, “Rollin On The River.” Len said that each season someone comes along and is an absolute star and Warren is the biggest entertainer of them all. Bruno said that with Warren all resistance is futile and enjoy the ride! Carrie Ann said that out of all the routines… that one was her favorite. Their score was 28. 9 from Carrie Ann, 10 from Len, and 9 from Bruno.

Tom Bergeron announced earlier this evening that the junior ballroom champions were Craig and Samantha…the brother/sister duo. They were presented with the junior mirror ball trophy.

Tomorrow night the dancers have one more routine to impress the judges and that score will be added with tonight’s scores and the viewers votes! All of your favorite stars of season seven will be backalong withMiley Cyrus and Alicia Keys whowill perform. It is a two hour finale starting at 9 PM ET on ABC!

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Photo Credit: ABC

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