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Dancing With the Stars: The Winner Is…

November 25, 2008 09:33 PM by Paulene Hinds

This was the last night of Dancing With the Stars season seven and tonight the winner was crowned. Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys performed for the crowd tonight and all of the contestants from this season returned anddanced one of their best routines of the season. Who took home the big prize? Keep reading to find out!

Host, Tom Bergeron went looking for the ever entertaining, Cloris Leachman tonight and found her in a box…she went out as a correspondent “Man On The Streets” for Dancing With The Stars.
Her hilarious take on who people were voting for was priceless.

Jeffrey Ross also returned and conducted a some-what hilarious roast of the three finalists.

Jeffrey said that Brooke Burke had the perfect scores, Lance Bass had the perfect hair and Warren Sapp had the perfect boobs.

Jeffreyteased Brooke about her 15 children and then said that the last baby belonged to Lance. His very tasteless comment, that maybe the baby would come out of the womb and the closet on the same day drew mixed reactions from the crowd!

Jeffreyasked Warren how he could dance so much and still stay so out of shape and said that at first he thought Warren was on steroids and then he realized he was just fat.

He ended his roast of the three finalists with the comment, “Compared to me you are all winners!”

The first special guest tonight was Alicia Keys performing “I Need You,” which is from her five-time platinum album, “As I Am.”

All of the contestants from season seven returned this evening and gave special performances of their best routines…some were much better than others!

Misty May Traynoralso returned and gave the viewers an update on her status after herknee surgery. She is able to walk now and said that she is itching to get back on the dance floor. She did not dance this evening, but said she was rooting for all of the dancers.

Tony Braxton didn’t dance tonight either as she had minor surgery herself recently. Toni will be singing with the Dancing With The Stars tour. Information on the tour can be found right here on Reality TV magazine.

The judges gave their take on the three finalists. They said that Lance was the risk taker and because you never know what to expect it keeps the viewers connected and entertained.

They thought that even though Warren was not the most technical dancer, he knew how to get the crowd going and was loveable.

Their last comment was for Brooke and theysaid thatshe is versatile and always rises to the occasion.

The three dancers came out and finally performed one last time. This was their last opportunity to prove who should be the champion of Dancing With the Stars.

Warren Sapp and Kym Johnson performed first for the judges scores. Their routine was the Hustle to “Funky Town” and theyhad the crowd dancing with them. Len said that Warren may not be the judges champion, but he is the viewers champion and has great charisma. Bruno said that Warren is the craftiest of them all and their routine was irresistible. Carrie Ann said that they make everyone want to dance. The scored triple 9′s…27 which gave them 80 out of 90!

Lance Bass and Lacey Schwimmer then performed their Jitterbug to “Jim Dandy To The Rescue.” Bruno said that no doubt about it he had become a show man and delivered the dance with panache and flair. Carrie Ann said that she saw a little struggle with the lift, but admired that they never took the safe road once. Len said that Lance deserved to be in the finals and came out and did a fantastic job yet again! Their score was 28…9 from Carrie Ann, 9 from Len and 10 from Bruno! 81 out of 90!

Brooke Burke and Derek Hough danced one last time to “Mother be Good to Your Daughters” and it was an emotional routine to say the least. Carrie Ann said that Brooke was a star (she was crying) and that she deserved the trophy more than anyone else. Len said that the routine was still the dance of the season. Bruno said that Brooke is the jewel in the crown of the grand finale. They received a perfect 30 from the judges! 88 out of 90!

Triple platinum selling artist, Miley Cyrus, who plays Hannah Montana on the Disney series of the same name, sang her single “Fly on the Wall” from her album “Breakout.”

Tom Bergeron and Samantha Harris then eliminated one couple from the final three…Lance and Lacey came in third place.

Samantha spoke to the two remaining finalists and Brooke said that she thinks of Warren as a big teddy bear. Warren said it was the best experience of his life and he said thank you to America for keeping him there.

Tom asked the eliminated dancers who they thought would win. They side stepped the question and plugged their own shows!

Finally Tom and Samantha revealed the winners and new champions of Dancing With the Stars and they were… Brooke and Derek! Warren Sapp and Kym Johnson came in second.

They were both stunned and couldn’t believe that they had won!

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Photo Credit: ABC, Aliciakeysbiography.com, People.com

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