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The Biggest Loser: Karma Rears It’s Ugly Head

November 25, 2008 09:25 PM by DA Southern

The Biggest Loser has whittled the competition down to the final six with Vicky dodging a huge bullet last week. When it came down to alliances, Amy decided to tow the line and keep the contentious Vicky in the competition, although had the tables been turned, we all know Amy would be sitting at home with the rest of us watching The Biggest Loser.

This week promises several big name celebs from the sports world, namely Jerry Rice and Steve Young, and our favorite chef, Rocco DiSpirito, who will be cooking up a healthy alternative to the Thanksgiving feast as we get ready to carve another Loser from the ranks and edge ever so closer to the finale in early December

Vicky seemed at least kind of appreciative towards Amy, but you could see in her eyes that she was a goner at the first opportunity Vicky has. Even Heba seemed to think it was probably OK between the two ladies. Ed seemed to be playing it fairly smart by staying out of it all.

Jerry Rice and Steve Young appeared on the scene to give the Losers a little football training camp fare and took each of the contestants through a rigorous set of football training camp obstacles to give them a break for their normal routine. For once, the remaining Losers seemed to genuinely support each other as they all went through the drills. Each one, in a sidebar, extolled the virtues of being on the ranch as long as they had to be able to run the course. As usual, Vicky thought she was doing the best and was talking smack about the other Losers.

After the initial training, the two football stars then told the remaining six that this time they were running for glory as they were going to go through the obstacle course once again, this time for time. Of course, a lovely prize would be waiting the winner and the game was on once again. Vicky, always smug, decided to pour it on deliberately slacking off at the beginning. The prize was nothing to sneeze at either; A VIP trip to the Pro-Bowl with all of the amenities and extra cash for catching footballs. Believe it or not, it came down to Heba and Vicky playing for all of the marbles with Vicky taking home the big prize. Another curious item from the challenge was the way Vicky treated Amy during the game. It was very clear that unless she pulls the numbers tonight, she is toast.

Rocco DiSpirto, The Biggest Losers favorite chef, appeared to show the six a beautiful Thanksgiving feast that most people enjoy this time of the year. After teasing the six with the spread, he invited them to all sit, which caused a lot of glances as they all knew that what was sitting in front of them was not healthy at all. Rocco teased them a bit more an then said he was not going to let them eat the food but was going to show them the right way to fix a healthy Thanksgiving feast.

Each of the losers were given various parts of the meal to fix, with Ed taking on the turkey duties and the girls all doing various casseroles that substituted for standard turkey day fare. The funniest to watch was Amy, as she was smitten with Rocco and seemed flustered every time he approached her.

At the end, the six and Rocco sat down for the feast and Rocco told them he was thankful for the opportunity to come to the ranch and cook healthy for them. Each of the Losers said what they were thankful for and most seemed to be grateful for the opportunity to change their lives by being on the Biggest Loser. Even Vicky seemed a bit nostalgic as she talked of missing Brady. At the end, Rocco told them that each was probably missing family members and that he had arranged for videos from home after the meal.

With all of the heart-to-heart stuff out of the way, the competition heated up again with extreme training from Bob and Jillian as neither wanted to lose another member of their respective squads, even though Michelle and Renee knew they were gone if they went below the yellow line.

The Last Chance Workout was the typical brutal ceremony and it seems that Ed is griping more than the ladies these days. Maybe that time off from the ranch made him soft. You could see that Jillian had her fill of the cattiness between the remaining girls,even to make the comment,
“The only bully in this house is me.”

At the weigh-in you could see that Vicky looked to her usual smug self and that the black team knew unless they had the numbers, they were done. Ali gave the usual spiel about the yellow line and the carnage began.

The Weigh-In:

Amy lost 5 for a total of 2.89%
Heba lost 7 for a total of 3.03%
Ed lost 9 for a total of 3.44%
Vicky lost 7 for a total of 3.74%
Renee lost 8 for a total of 3.86%
Michelle lost 10 for a total of 5.38%

Amy and Heba skid to the bottom and there really was no mystery here tonight at the elimination. Amy had a bad case of the “Karma blues” tonight as Vicky, who she had a chance to get rid of last week, became her undoing this week. Amy should have known and was shocked to think that Vicky actually did it too her. Coleen was right last week as she left when she said Amy would see the consequences of her bad decision.

Alison then announced that the contestants were headed to New York City for a whirlwind makeover next week in what has become somewhat of a tradition of The Biggest Loser and Amy had her own makeover when she got home going from a 22 dress size down to a shocking size 8. She even said she now had the confidence to sing in public again. Amy definitely has the chance at the $100,000 runner-up prize in a few weeks.

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Photo Credit: NBC

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