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Stylista: Behind the scenes

November 27, 2008 12:26 AM by Britteny Elrick


Tonight, viewers get an inside look at what happens behind closed doors on the new reality show Stylista. Anne narrates us through dramatic clips as well as never before seen footage. The Elle editor hopefuls have been up to more than just good styling lately…find out what’s been going on behind your back…

When the assistants first met, they immediately began to size eachother up. Megan admits that she is a bit of a spoiled rich kid (but with a brain). Kate’s bubbly personality and slutty clothing did not make a good first impression. Dyshaun and Megan formed a Kate hate group right away.At the first challenge they were given, Brett rubbed Megan the wrong way by yelling at her for sitting down before she had finished giving instructions.


After the assistantsmoved into the loft, William and Kate got into quite the fight after she overheard him calling her “boobs.” Dyshaun also got confronted by Kate in front ofeveryonein regards to his comments about her body. Rinaldo tried to entertain the house with some oral poetry, but they were less than impressed.

Megan and Kate got into a huge fight, after which Kate went into the bathroom and cried on the floor. Cologne came in and comforted her, although the rest of the house was ganging up both of them. Later on, Kate confronts Megan, only to be shut down again. Finally, Ashlie confronts Megan (after Megan purposely teamed her up with Kate) and calls her evil. Later on, Kate does some impersonations of Annefor the rest of the house andgets them laughing. However, when Katetries todraw a comparison between herself and Anne,the rest of themthink she’s crazy again.


When the stress of the competition became too much forJason,he started having a panic attack and an ambulance showed up at the house. Megan gots into another full blown fight with Ashlie, this time calling her insensitive and full of herself. When Jason waslet go from the competition, he left a sentimental note for some of his closest friends.

After Cologne’s eviction, the very upset assistants confront Kate again. Ashlie and Danielle gang up on her and saythat she has no business being in the competition. Dyshaun tells Kate that she should just go home andif she actually wins, he will retire. However, Kate IS still in the running to become the next STYLISTA, along with Dyshaun, Ashlie, Megan, and Johanna. Stay tuned to find out who it will be!


The show airsWednesdays 9 PM ET on The CW.

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Photo Credit: The CW

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