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Amazing Race 13: No money, no passport, no luck

November 30, 2008 08:05 PM by Britteny Elrick


This week on the Amazing Race, four teams will be competing to win a place in the final three. Although Andrew and Dan were saved from elimination, they will have an additional speed bump to complete. Will they be able to overcome the odds? Or perhaps another team’s misfortune will be their saving grace…

The teams must travel to a submarine in order to find their first clue. Dallas and Toni are the first to depart, but they have a hard time finding a taxi driver who knows where to go. Ken and Tina are the next to leave, and Tina says that Ken is still not putting their relationship first. Andrew and Dan are concerned about all of their mishaps thus far, and believe it would be a miracle to end up in the top three.

All of teams except Andrew and Dan (lets just call them Dandrew) make it to the submarine simultaneously. They are instructed to take a taxi to Park Iskusstv and search the grounds for their next clue. The teams end up getting stuck in horrific traffic for a couple hours. Nick and Starr take the lead and are the first team to encounter the road block. Dandrew makes another major blunder as they arrive at the wrong park (apparently there are two with the same name).


ROAD BLOCK: Scour the park of monuments and count the statues of Lenin and Stalin and use the number to decipher a code. Then they have to go to a bookstore and locate the page number in a book which will give lead them to an apartment building.

Nick completes the road block first, and they make their way to Sokolinky Park to find a lady with a pony who has the next clue. Dallas and Tina keep guessing the wrong number and have to wait another ten minutes before they can guess again. They try to figure it out together, but it isn’t working. Finally, Tina guesses correctly and gives Dallas the answer on her way out. Nick and Starr are the first to reach the detour.

DETOUR: Ride the rails or ride the lines. In ride the rails, they must take the metro and find a snack shop, the wrapper of a sandwich will lead them their next clue and eventually to the park station. In ride the lines, take a bus to find a key-maker that will give them a key to a locker which will contain their clue and lead them to park station.

Nick and Starr decide to opt for riding the rails. This task can be quicker but much more confusing. Meanwhile, Ken and Tina discuss the fact that they aren’t going to help any more teams from here on out. While Dallas and Toni make their way to the detour, Dallas realizes that he has left his backpack (including passport and money) in the taxi, which has already left!!


Dandrew realizes what happened to Dallas and they hope that this will allow them to jump ahead. Unfortunately, as soon as they complete the road block they are given their speed bump (penalty from not following the clue last leg). Ken and Tina decide to ride the lines and take their chances with the bus system. After riding it for a little while, they realize that they are on the wrong bus and must start over. Dallas and Toni start begging on the street and finally meet some generous people who give them money.

Vdnkh Park is the final pit stop for this leg and Nick and Starr are the first to arrive. The other teams are neck and neck as they are still trying to complete the detour. Dandrew and Ken and Tina arrive at the pitstop at same time. Dandrew checks in as team number two, however Ken and Tina are informed that they didn’t bring their last clue from the detour and must go back to retrieve it. Toni and Dallas start to catch up, but Ken and Tina are able to get back to the pit stop in time to be the third team. Dallas and Toni are eliminated from the race. Dallas says he feels like he let his mom down, but she says she’s never been more proud of him.


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