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Cat Deeley At So You Think You Can Dance Auditions Season Five In Brooklyn

December 01, 2008 03:00 PM by Paulene Hinds


The auditions have begun for the upcoming season of So You Think You Can Dance and who was standing out in the cold with the dance hopefuls? None other than the host of the show, Cat Deeley. The not so typical host, spoke to TV Guide about her feelings toward the dancers, how she stays in touch with them and what the judges are looking for when a dancer steps onto the stage.

Deeley is the cheerleader behind the dancers, routing for them when they are on stage and hugging them when they come off and must face the judges. She not only connects with the dancers during the show, but also tries to stay in touch with them afterwards. This is no easy feat since this is the fifth season of the show, which means four top twenty groups have danced onto the stage and into her heart.

Deeley told TV Guide that she tries to stay in touch with all of the dancers and that every season she has a fourth of July celebration for the kids from the previous year. She said, “They come right to my house and have beers and margaritas and they swim in my pool.”

When asked what she expects from the dancers this season and if they will be stepping it up, Deeley said, “I think they will always be stepping up, because it just has to be. If you see someone doing a double flip off the back of the stage and then run up the wall and if someone else does it again, it is good, but you can’t help but want the bar to be raised a little bit you know.”

Deeley also said that the dancers are getting wiser each season to what the judges are looking for in themand told TV Guide, “There has to be something that sets you apart from everyone else…be it the smile or the sparkly eyes or whatever it is. I think that the dancers are getting very wise to that.” She added, “We’re not talking about the best dancer, we are talking about America’s favorite dancer.”

As for Deeley herself, when asked if she could dance, she laughed…she can’t! Well then again she doesn’t have to dance, she is the host and a fine one at that!

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