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Stylista: There had better be lasagna in my hotel room

December 03, 2008 10:36 PM by Britteny Elrick

The final five assistants are faced with their biggest Stylista challenge yet. Tonight, they must create a four-page spread for Elle magazine with a cohesive theme and style an entire photo shoot. With all this work to do,will the contestants finally be able to put their differences aside and focus on the task at hand? Well that all depends on if Kateopens her mouth or not…

Johanna was really surprised to be in the bottom two last week and thought Kate should have gone home. She feels like Kate stole all of the credit for her accomplishments. Johanna questions Kate in the kitchen and asks where she really wants to go with her career in fashion.

The assistants arrive to find their task of preparing a hotel suite for a supermodel. They are given two hours, a budget of $300, and a rider with all of the things Maggie Riser will require. Johanna focuses on buying accessories for the dog, while Kate runs around the entire city trying to get every item on the list.

Johanna’s room is the first to be judged and immediately Maggie’s dogs came in and ate the lasagna, which was set on a table too low to the ground. She also was supposed to clean the sink with lavender soap and used orange, and Maggie didn’t like the smell. Next up was Ashlie’s room, where the lasagna was still put too low for the dogs! Maggie had to pull the lasagna out of her dog’s mouth, and she noticed that there were no matches to light the candles. Megan and DyShaun’s rooms were acceptable. They really were impressed with Kate, but DyShaun won the task because he kept the food wrapped and away from the dogs.

This week the assistants will create a four-page spread and style the models with full access of the Elle closet. They will also be responsible for creating a story and doing full hair and makeup. DyShaun picks Kate and Ashlie for the first team and Megan and Johanna for the his team. Kate and Ashlie actually enjoyed working together and really collaborated on everything. DyShaun’s team decided on neon fluorescents for their shoot. Kate and DyShaun get into a bit of a fight when Kate steals all the swimsuits after DyShaun makes a rude comment about her taste in clothes.

DyShaun starts to get a little bit bossy when he steps into the leadership role. His team begins to get annoyed with this new side of him. Ashlie and Kate sit back and watch the other teams photo shoot and they think that it is boring. When it’s their turn, they go for an old Hollywood feel and take several risks in their styling efforts. DyShaun’s team keeps making fun of them, but after awhile they start to get nervous. They definitely think Kate’s team will win.

Johanna is feeling that she will go home if they are the losing team, so she tries to step up into the leadership role. DyShaun walks over to get a look at Kate’s layout, and Ashlie freaks out on him. He starts making more rude comments and Kate starts crying and saying she wants to go home. Ashlie tries to console her and says that Kate shouldn’t allow him to take this opportunity away from her. Then she tell DyShaun he needs to grow up.

Neil Hamil, director of Elite Model Agency, is the guest judge. Kate and Ashlie are up first. Joe Zee is impressed that they thought outside the box with the colors. Anne thought they used too many pictures in their layout. Johanna presents the layout for her team. They loved one of the pictures, but thought the others were boring and safe. When the teams sit down, Kate chimes in and tells the judges that the other team didn’t really step in and help style the hair and makeup.

The judges decided the DyShuan, Johanna, and Megan are the winning team. Kate and Ashlie go into the judges room together. They thought they lacked the ability to edit down into one cohesive story. Ashlie was chosen to stay another week, and Anne warned Kate that although her confidence is good, her outbursts are unprofessional. Kate goes home.

The show airsWednesdays 9 PM ET on The CW.

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