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Survivor: Gabon — A Fake Idol & A Marriage Proposal

December 04, 2008 07:56 PM by Ryan Haidet

Corinne Close up

When the Nobag group returned to camp after voting off Randy in a major blindside, Bob let everybody know how upset he was that they laughed at him. Sugar apologized to Bob for laughing, but said in a confessional that she wasn’t a bit sorry for Randy. Moments later, an argument between Corinne and Sugar sparked. Sugar accused her foe of talking behind everybody’s backs, which Corinne said was part of the game. Night 30 of Survivor: Gabon was off to a wicked start.

Puzzles and love

At the Reward Challenge, the seven remaining contestants were divided into two teams of three drawn in a school-yard pick style. Corinne wasn’t chosen, which meant she couldn’t participate in the competition. The two teams (Crystal, Sugar and Bob versus Susie, Matty and Kenny) would have to face off and run into a swamp to gather seven separate puzzle pieces. Then they had to arrange the pieces to raise a flag. The first team to win that round would move on to the final round, which consisted of arranging a sliding puzzle.
The first player to complete that would win the opportunity to enjoy pizza, beer and brownies while watching a video with a loved one from home.

Before the challenge began, host Jeff Probst gave each contestant a quick preview of their family video, which was simply a tease of the entire thing. Everybody gathered around and cried tears of joy as they listened to the love pour out of their family members on the tiny cell-phone screen.

When the challenge began, the groups were tied together as they trudged their way through the swamp while gathering the unique puzzle pieces.

After each group had collected all of their pieces, it came down to who could put it together the fastest. Well, leave it to physics teacher, Bob, to slap the thing together in no time.

In the next round with the sliding puzzle, Bob blazed through and defeated Sugar and Crystal without any problem.

Bob won the family reward challenge.[/caption]

Later that day, they all kissed their family members goodbye and watched them walk away from camp. It was a major release for everybody from the game and gave them a chance to have a taste from home.

Another fake idol

On Day 33 at camp, Corinne and Bob went off to get treemail when they hatched a great scheme together that they hoped would blindisde Matty. In the woods, Bob concocted the plan to convince others that he had the idol that Marcus supposedly threw into the ocean. He would claim that Marcus never tossed the idol into the water — just an empty bottle. The story ended with Marcus and Bob hiding the idol at camp — and since Marcus had been voted out, Bob claimed the idol for himself. So to help him convince everybody that the story was true, he made another convincing fake idol.

Back at camp, Sugar and the four others agreed that Bob should probably be the next to go since Bob is a much bigger threat.

Right on target

The seven castaways lined up in to answer a series of questions about Gabon. For each answer they got correct, they would receive a ball. At the end of the Q&A session, they would each get to throw their ball down a hill toward a target. The player who gets one of their balls the closest to the center would win immunity.

After all the questions were asked and the throwing began, Bob held the lead after getting his toss just three zones out from the center. Then on his second shot, he improved his mark and landed in the zone right next to the center.

Sugar had the last shot. She threw it right on target, but it bounced out of the center and rolled away, which gave Bob the win.

Back at camp, Bob and Corinne planned their idol scheme even further. Corinne and he planned to tell Kenny and Crystla that if Bob hadn’t won immunity that he was going to play the idol himself. But since he won, if they think he’s going to give the idol to Corinne, then maybe they won’t vote for her.

So Corinne pulled Kenny aside and told her the plan to take out Matty. He was completely convinced about their idol story and said that he may have to switch alliances.

Bob pulled Crystal aside and told her about the idol. She was fooled, too, right after he showed it to her. He told her that he, Corinne, Kenny and Crystal would go to the final four after Matty was blindsided.

But Kenny had another idea. He told Crystal that they could do two things at Tribal Council — flush out the idol and blindside Matty. The way to do that was by making sure he voted for Matty and Crystal voted for Corinne.

Kenny schemed to flush out the idol and blindside Matty.

Paranoia strikes Tribal CouncilWhen asked about trust, Crystal said knowing when to trust and when to cut your ties is the trick of the game.Then they all cast their ballots and when Probst asked for the hidden idol, Kenny and Crystal looked surprised when Corinne didn't play it. But Matty looked thrilled.It came down to the last vote after three were for Corinne and three were for Matty. Probst then revealed Corinne was the next person voted out of the game. With that, her torch was snuffed and she became the fourth member of the jury.In her exit comments, Corinne said she can't stand Sugar and that she doesn't ever plan on talking to her again.

Images courtesy of Jeffrey R. Staab and Monty Brinton/CBS.

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