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NBC’s Bigoted Momma Fears Her Debut On Momma’s Boys Will Upset Her Community

December 06, 2008 05:00 PM by Paulene Hinds

Khalood Bojanowski, of Washington Township, Michigan has notified local police and told them that she is concerned about repercussions after her neighbors in her community see her debut in Ryan Seacrest’s new series Momma’s Boys. The reality show will debut December 16 and shows Bojanowaski listing the qualifications she’s seeking in a mate for her son Jojo, who is 21 years old.

“I cannot have a Black one; I can’t have an Asian one; I can’t have a fat-butt girl,” states Khalood Bojanowski. She describes her own ethnicity as Iraqi Catholic.

When questioned about a Jewish mate for her son she becomes even more adamant.”Nooo! No Jewish girl! No way, no way!” she says. “I cannot stand them! I’m sorry, but I can’t handle them. It has to be a white girl.”

She’s even seen in a future episode threatening to “kill” her son when she observes him from a helicopter kissing one of the Black women in a hot tub. “I’m going to kill him, that’s what I’m going to do!” she screams. “I’m going to strangle his balls! I swear, I’m ready to kill somebody!”

The Bojanowskis family is just one of three mother-son pairs who will be on the show. The over-protective moms will be helping their sons choose mates from among 32 young women of various backgrounds.

Bojanowski became fearful when her house was broken into in November and her dog mysteriously died. She believes that her dog was poisened.

The Macomb County Sheriff’s Office does not believe the death of Bojanowski’s dog and the burglary have anything to do with the TV show.

However, a high-ranking member of the department confirmed to the New York Post that Bojanowski is afraid how her community will react to her statements on “Momma’s Boy.”

Capt. Tony Wickersham said, “She told our people . . . that she was going to be on a reality show and that she may have made some statements or something.”

Wickersham also told The Post, “Then I actually got a call from the producer of the show who was concerned.”

Here are a few clips so you can get more information on the show!

To see the preview: CLICK HERE!

For an interview with Ryan and his mom: CLICK HERE.

For more videos: CLICK HERE.

Momma’s Boys premieres on NBC on Tuesday, December 16th at 10 PM ET.

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