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The Amazing Race 13: Nick and Starr race across the finish line

December 07, 2008 09:23 PM by Britteny Elrick

Ten weeks ago, eleventeamsembarkedonThe Amazing Racefor a chance totake home theone million dollar prize. After risking their lives on a daily basis, navigating through six different countries, and eatingrather questionableethnic cuisine, tonight it was down tothe final three teams: Nick and Starr,thecut-throatbrother andsister duo; Andrew and Dan, the Arizona State frat brothers who can’t follow directions to save their lives; and Ken andTina, a recently separated couple. But only one teamwill have what it takesto win it all…

Nick and Starr are the first to leave Moscow and fly to the final destination city of Portland, Oregon. Andrew and Dan are the next to leave, followed by Ken and Tina shortly after. All of the teams end up arriving at the same time and they jump into taxis to find go to the detour. Ken and Tina are the first to arrive.

DETOUR: high and dry or low and wet. In high and dry, they will climb 30 ft up a tree to a log suspended in the air that they must walk across. In low and wet, they must walk 850 ft across a river on a floating log.

Tina and Ken choose high and dry, however, Tina is scared of heights so she is very worried. Nick and Starr have finally arrived, but Andrew and Dan are still lost in the taxi. Nick and Starr are the first to finish as Tina is having a hard time. They receive their next clue which instructs them to travel by taxi to the bridge of the gods, where will travel by zip line across a lake to get their next clue.

Ken and Tina are right on the heels of Nick and Starr as they race to the bridge, and they end up pulling ahead of them. Tina is frightened again as she is faced with taking a zip line off the top of a bridge, but she pushes through and they are the first to reach the clue. Their next task is a question game based on the past legs of the race. When they answer them correctly they must search through a field of 150 clue boxes to find the one that has the corresponding picture for that answer.

Nick and Starr are the first to finish and head to the Portland Building to search for a green dinosaur for their next clue. Meanwhile, Andrew and Dan have just completed the zip line. Nick and Starr are the first to arrive and the clue tells them to find a Russian food cart. Ken and Tina arrive closely behind them, but Nick and Starr reach the clue first, which tells them to travel to a place where the “Magic is in the hole” (Voodoo Donuts).

When Ken and Tina get reach the donut shop they find out that the other team has already been there; however, Nick and Starr have had problems getting a taxi. Both teams are now looking for a cab to take them to the finish line. Finally, both teams get a taxi and it’s anyone’s game.

At the finish line, all of the previous contestants are waiting. A cab pulls up and Nick and Starr come running out. They are the official winners of the Amazing Race 13 and the one million dollar prize! Ken and Tina are the second to arrive. When they reach the finish line, Ken asks Tina if they can start wearing their wedding rings again and give it another shot. She says yes, they hug, and the crowd cheers just like in a sappy chic flick. Finally, Andrew and Dan cross the line in last place.

The Amazing Race airsSunday nights at8 PM ET on CBS.

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