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Ty Pennington: Behind the Scenes!

December 07, 2008 06:08 PM by Candace Young

Ty begins the show by saying that he has an amazing job. Tonight he is going to show some things that viewers don’t normally see. He will share some highlights, and will count down his five most memorable moments!

To begin, Ty is at Long Beach Airport, arriving home. He says there are some people in California that need his help, so he has called his friends at Sears.

First, he shares a typical day doing a house. They usually start at the crack of dawn and grab some breakfast, go to make-up, and have a meeting. They then go to the family’s house and wake them up. Ty says this moment never gets old! He explains that the family goes on vacation right away – sometimes they don’t even take time to close the limo doors. If the family has pets the team must also deal with them – one time they had to corral roosters!

The next step is for Ty to put on a costume of some sort before they get on with the demolition – which can sometimes be dangerous! He explains that they really do build the house in seven days – no matter what Mother Nature throws at them. Ty remembers a time when he had to fight off food poisoning and still go on! Another time he missed a build because he had to go to the hospital and have his appendix removed. This complication left them short on time – so Ty motivated them in his favorite way – with the megaphone!

Next, Ty introduces Steve DeWitt, who is his personal driver while on set. He shows how the crew communicates with him through a tiny earphone throughout the build. He says the lighting and sound guys have become his family.

Ty describes the ‘move the bus’ moment as being like a rock concert! He says it’s a moment that is really what dreams are made of.

Favorite Memory #5

Was a door knock for the Gagnon family. Ty says you could hear a scream build from the back of the house, then nine of them came out the door and piled on top of one another! “That was a pretty awesome way to start the day!”

Next on the show, Ty shows how stacked his calendar is – they travel almost 300 days a year while helping people! He demonstrates the pads he wears under his eyes to take the bags away, his workout routine, and his chiropractic adjustments! He notes that as for eating on the go – he doesn’t want to see another Styrofoam container.

Typically, at the airport they run into some type of challenge, such as cancelled flights. He says that the good news is that when he finally arrives at his destination everyone is glad to see him.

Next up, Ty is making a trip to Sears to gather some big-ticket items and bedding to help out some military families near his home in California. Once his shopping is complete, he gets back into the car to head home.

Favorite Memory #4

Ty’s next favorite memory is when he and the crew blew-up a house as a means of demolition. The house was set in the middle of a field and he shows the huge explosion over and over!

Meanwhile, Ty has finally made it home. He says he looks forward to doing some ‘ordinary’ things while at home, such as enjoying a home-cooked meal and watching TV. He also likes to drive around on his moped and play his acoustic guitar.

He explains how his life changed after he discovered ‘design TV’ and that he now has a radio show in addition to working on the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, as well as working as a spokesman for Sears.

Occasionally, Ty gets to take a vacation – like his trip Tortola in the British Virgin Islands. Where he scuba dives, surfs, and explores caves. Ty also likes to visit the sand dunes in North Carolina to surf on sand! When he gets to Colorado he indulges in snowboarding and sledding. Ty also likes to hang out with his best friend’s young children. He is shown enjoying a holiday meal in Breckinridge, Colorado with friends and family.

Secret Projects

Ty shows off his design studio where his ‘secret projects’ start to take shape. He describes a master bedroom he did in Delaware that got way behind schedule, and the bed he made got stuck in a stairwell! They wound up having to cut the bed in half, and damaged the wall in the process, but in the end, they pulled it off and the family was thrilled.

He next describes a bedroom he did in Maine where the wallpaper was late and they had to improvise with paper out of the dumpster and make a wall collage!

Another design disaster was when he didn’t have enough wooden slats to do the design he had intended and he had to saw them all in half and adapt his plan at the last minute.

Favorite Memory #3

All of his special projects are very meaningful to him, but one stands out – the room he did for Bowie – a seven year-old girl struggling with cancer. She truly inspired Ty, and she died a few months after they built the house, but Ty says he hopes that the time she did spend in her special room were wonderful.

Ty says ‘reveal’ day is always very special. He remembers the Bardon family, who lived with deafness, and how the crowd signed to them rather than cheering. “That kind of silence is powerful.”

Favorite Memory #2

Ty recalls the Morero family. Victor Morero was a dad who kept his five boys out of trouble in a very bad neighborhood. He remembers their reactions and says it was really awesome to have moved them to a better place.

Favorite Memory #1

Ty’s favorite memory of all time was helping the Gilyeat family, which had a Marine who lost his leg overseas in Iraq. Some of the guys who served with him were at the reveal and the moments they shared were absolutely touching. Ty says, “It doesn’t get any better than that.”

Next, Ty hops into his red Mustang convertible and goes to make some wishes come true for America’s military families. He arrives along with a caravan of trucks from Sears at a hangar full of military families. He calls them out one family unit at a time and gives them refrigerators and gift cards, ranges, washers and dryers, and other items. Ty says he is proud to be able to give back to these brave people.
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  1. nathanp1947 Says:
    January 5th, 2009 at 8:42 pm

    How can I get in touch with Ty Pennington? I have over 200 Hot Wheels I want to donate to him to give to kids who have never had toys like these, families who have lost alot of stuff, these would make up about 20 good collections for kids who love cars. I have fire trucks, for kids who want to be fire fighters, and police cars for kids who want to be police officers, sports cars, race cars trucks of all kinds, rescue helicopters, etc.
    Please have him get in touch with me so I can bless these deserving kids he builds new lives for.
    Thankyou and God Bless you,
    Nathan Perrine


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