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The Biggest Loser: America Decides The Final Three

December 09, 2008 09:27 PM by DA Southern

This is it for the Biggest Loser Families, at least from a “Who is Vicky Kicking Off Tonight” standpoint. Sooner or later we knew America would get in on the fun and it will be interesting to see how the good “ole US of A” decides how to handle this one. Tonight, we will see two go below the yellow line and then they all will all be sent packing to await our vote in the final show of this season.

We recapped the vote from last week as we watched what got us here in the first place. Renee was gone and the Final Four knew that the most crucial weigh-in was at hand as the prize money was just beyond their waist lines, so to speak. With Michelle, the “Lone Wolf” of her now depleted team, we knew that there would be an intensity in her ever-increasing-shrinking-belly to get to the final three on her own.

Jillian was sweet to Michelle as she gave her a pep talk telling her that her mother was with her in spirit and would want her to do the best she could do. Jillian has really seemed to bond to Michelle this year and rightly so as she was the one who had the most inner turmoil going on this season.

On the Blue Team, Bob was being a little retrospective as he assed the Blue teams dramatic game play this season. As usual, Bob was concerned about Vicky and wondered if the game she had been playing would be her undoing. He was especially curious how she would fare at home since she had not totally embraced the healthy eating at the ranch.

Alison had a special delivery of former “Fat” clothes and all four were pleasantly surprised as to how far they had come. Heba even wanted to burn the clothes, a kind of “burn the boats” approach so they would not be tempted to go back Even Vicky seemed a bit humbled by the experience thing that she had made a good step forward.

The final challenge was at the Speedway that had Ali telling the Losers that they had come a long way but would have to shed the weight one last time. She told them that they would race around the track carrying the amount of weight they have lost to date. AS they reached a pit stop, they could shed weight they had lost in a week. For the winner, The Biggest Loser meal plans until the finale, a definite advantage. The race favored Ed, and, in the end, he came out on top with Michelle putting up a gallant effort.

As is typical in the last show before the finale, the trainers sat down with the Losers to show the what they looked like before and now. During the videos, Jillian and Michelle had the most dramatic look back and even Vicky seemed to acknowledge the fact that, although she was playing a game, she knew she was there to lose weight. It was nice to have one couple who could see their progress together and Ed was speechless as to the difference and Heba was in tears by the end of the video.

With the personal stuff out of the way, the “Last Chance Workout” was no easier than any other time, if not more so in the other direction. With every thin on the line the trainers went all out to make sure they all were in it at the end.

The Final Weigh-In at the Ranch:

First up was Vicky: Lost 6 lbs/3.41%, for a pretty consistent showing overall, leaving her at 170 lbs going into the finale
Heba was next: She lost a whopping 7 lbs/3.23%, for another good showing, leaving her at 210 lbs.
Ed, who was done the worse from a lost standpoint, actually gained 2 lbs, which was a shock, especially in the last week, putting him up to the 252 mark.
Finally, Michelle blew everyone away with a dynamic 9 lbs weight loss for a 5.26%, to reach 162 lbs going into the finale, safe with Vicky.

If this was any other week, Ed or Heba would go home, but since America has to have a say, one of the two will be voted off next week. Alison then told Ed and Heba that they had to plead their case to America and were actually against each other.

The shock of it was when Ed asked America to let Heba stay in the game and, by all rights, it should probably be that way since Ed has put up such horrendous numbers overall. It is a tough decision since Ed could rocket the weight loss for the finale because he knew he had “protection” the last couple of weeks and could coast.

Next week we will see in the two hour extravaganza who is The Biggest Loser and while we all have our favorites, Michelle has got to come out on top of many people’s list.

The episode ended with the big reveals awaiting us next week as The Biggest Loser: Families draws to a close in the finale next week.

My, my, they grow up, I mean, shrink down so fast don’t they!

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Photo Credit: NBC

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