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American Idol: Paula Abdul Lashes Out At Fox Broadcasting, Producers And Simon Cowell

December 10, 2008 03:00 PM by Paulene Hinds

American Idol judge, Paula Abdul, is speaking out for the first time about Paula Goodpseed’s suicide. She talked to The View, Good Morning America and (Barbara Walters Live) Sirius XM radio show. Abdul not only revealed that she was aware that Goodspeed had been stalking her for 17 years, she claimed that the American Idol producers brought the young lady on to audition against her wishes.

Abdul had restraining orders out at times against Goodspeed and not only were American Idol producers aware of that, Fox Broadcasting and Simon Cowell kept allowing the woman to try out for the show. She also claims that Fox Broadcasting showed her home on the show and how easy it is to break in and that is how Goodspeed knew where she lived.

Abdul also revealed to Barbara Walters that the ditzy and drunk behavior we see on the show from her at times is not due to alcohol or drugs, but because Simon contstantly chatters in her ear and says crazy things while she is trying to formulate something with grace and dignity causing her to to laugh. When Ryan Seacrest asks why she is laughing, it makes her look nutty.

Abdul referenced on the radio show, Sirius XM with Barbara Walters that the only reason why she is on the show again this year is because she is under contract with Fox Broadcasting.

She feels that she has lost a lot of money and endorsements because people believe what Simon says about her and that Simon Cowell could have retracted what he said, but he didn’t. She flat out stated that allowing Goodspeed to audition for Idol was “an attempt by Fox Broadcasting, the producers of American Idol, and Simon Cowell to ruin [her] career.”

It sounds like Abdul is going back to American Idol this season against her will and from all indications in the interview (although she never said it) this will be her last season on the show. Maybe Fox Broadcasting and the American Idol Producers realized this when they hired the fourth judge Kara Dioguardi this summer.

Simon Cowell may have a chance to have his say about the situation in the near future, he was given an informal invitation by the ladies to join the View during the broadcast of the show on Tuesday.

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