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Stylista: Shoe will make it to the finals?

December 10, 2008 11:00 PM by Britteny Elrick

There’s only four remaining assistants fighting to become the next Stylista. This week the contestants will be thrown for a loopwhen theyfind out they areresponsible for creating an editorial spread as well as their own runway show.Find out which three stylistswill have what it takes tostyle their wayinto to the finals…

Megan starts telling Johanna that she is inexperienced and doesn’t realize what the job will take. Malina calls the contestants at their left and tells them they need to meet her at Elite Agency. They are told they will be casting a replacement model for designer Zach Posen. Each of them have an identical dress and have thirty models to choose from. The model that Anne chooses will win the task. As the models come in, the assistants take polaroids and ask the models questions about their experience. Megan’s model is chosen and she will be choosing teams.

They will have to choose from several new designers and create a spread showcasing their trend and collection, along with interview questions. Megan chooses Johanna for her team, leaving Dyshaun and Ashlie on the other team. Dyshaun is really hurt because he and Megan are friends.

Brett introduces the assistants to the new designers, who they will be choosing from. She tells them that they will also be producing their own runway show in which they will introduce the models to the entire Elle staff. Ashlie and DyShaun approach Jolibe and tell them they want to use them in their show, however, Johanna and Megan come over and ask the same thing. Both the teams have to pitch the reasons why they want to use them, and the designer picks Ashlie’s team because they were more enthusiastic. Megan and Johanna end up going with Richard Ruix.

The teams go back to the Elle office to put together pieces for their runway show. Johanna makes the mistake of saying she didn’t like one of the outfits in front of the designer who created it. Megan pulls her aside and tells her that is inappropriate and they need to make the designer happy. Meanwhile, Ashlie raids the Elle closet of all the shoes [oh no she didn't] and Megan is pissed. Johanna stays up all night working on the layout.

The next day, the assistants have their runway shows and then get one hour to choose the photos they will use in their layouts. Later that night, Johanna calls her mom and gets very emotional thinking about leaving. Zach Posen will be guest judging the layouts.

Ashlie and DyShaun are first to present. Ashlie discusses the reasons why they chose their designer and the layout photos. Zach says he is not happy with the way the photos portray the clothing. They point out some copy errors and lack of focus with too many pictures. Anne tells Johanna and Megan that they did a good job editing the vision of the designer, although he may not have had the best clothes. Joe Zee doesn’t see enough impact and Anne thinks their title is confusing. The story is strong and focused, but they didn’t get a good picture of the designer.

Brett comes in to tell Megan and Johanna that their layout was chosen. Ashlie and DyShaun go in to face the judges. Anne tells them the errors and cluttering are just too much. Ashlie was instructed last week that she needed to be more careful with the editing, and DyShaun needed help with the styling aspects. In the end, DyShaun earned another week at Elle, and Ashlie is sent home.

The show airsWednesdays 9 PM ET on The CW.

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Photo Credit: The CW

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