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Survivor: Gabon — Alliances Flip For Another Blindside!

December 11, 2008 08:50 PM by Ryan Haidet

Final six

After a crazy Tribal Council in which Corinne was voted out of Survivor: Gabon, Kenny was in the hot seat.  When the final six returned to camp, Matty called Kenny out for voting against him. Kenny tried to explain the fake immunity idol story that Bob and Corinne had concocted, but Matty wasn’t buying it. He was mad. Almost everybody was ready for Matty to be the next to be voted out.

Then, Kenny asked Bob why he was lied to about the immunity idol at Tribal Council. Bob said he felt bad for putting Kenny into a bad position and vowed to give Kenny immunity the next time he wins it.

Reward Challenge

At the reward challenge, the castaways had to race into the swamp through a bunch of obstacles to get a ball at the end of the course. Then they had to go back to the start and toss that ball into a net. The first to get three balls in the net would win the reward — a helicopter ride to a national park where they would get to visit a gorilla sanctuary.  But that’s not all, they’d receive a meal, bed and shower and return to camp the following morning. The winner also gets the chance to send one person to Exile Island.

From host Jeff Probst’s signal to start, Matty took an early lead and was the first to score. But Bob gained on him and it came down to the final shot.  Bob beat out the youngster and won the challenge.  Bob was given the opportunity to choose two people to join him on the reward — he took Crystal and Kenny. Then he sent Susie to Exile Island, but she’d be back in time for the immunity challenge.   Matty was hoping his time alone with Sugar would be enough to convince her to get rid of Crystal and Kenny even though she was aligned with both of them.

Chowing down and chatting strategy

The three arrived at their reward and started chowing down on the piles of food left for them. Kenny brought up that if Matty doesn’t win immunity that it would be time to vote him off.  Bob and Kenny discussed the upcoming immunity challenge.  It was decided that if Bob felt Kenny was in a position where he might be the next to go, that he would hand the idol over.

After talking strategy, they all showered and put on new clothes when a few park rangers came out and discussed the gorilla sanctuary. They then walked over to a viewing station and watched the gorillas. Bob was in absolute awe and said he felt there was a connection between the apes and himself. He said it really broadened his soul.

Day 35 at Exile, Susie took comfort because she knew Sugar already had the idol. “People back at home, they have no idea what they’re missing.” She said Exile gave her the time to sit back and not think about the game.

But back at camp, Matty started his effort to convince Sugar it was time to oust Crystal and Kenny. Sugar told him that they were in his alliance and didn’t seem to want to flip on them. So Matty asked Sugar to give him the idol. Matty felt cornered and said he would probably be going home because if Bob wins immunity that everybody would vote for him and not Sugar because they know she has the idol.  But Sugar said in a confessional that she wouldn’t be giving him the idol.

Seeing the bad in people

The reward winners returned to camp and showed off that they had washed their clothes. Matty got upset and started fighting with Crystal and Kenny — again about the votes against him at Tribal Council. But the two didn’t back down and kept on yelling at Matty telling him that he should be thankful he’s still in the game.  Sugar was surprised by their actions and she told Matty that she was starting to see that Kenny and Crystal are bad people who were kicking him when he was down. At that moment, she said he wouldn’t be voted out. She vowed to talk to Bob and Susie to get them in on a plan to take out Crystal.

Immunity Challenge

Each had to study an Afican mask and collect three bags of puzzle pieces along an obstacle course. Then they needed to take those pieces and put them together on a blank mask and match the exact one at the beginning. The twist — they were blindfolded.  Crystal ended up off the course several times and went way behind everybody else. Everybody else started putting their pieces together.  After another close battle, Bob won the challenge, making it his fourth win in a row.

Can I have your immunity?

After the challenge, they got back to camp and Kenny told Crystal that they had to make Bob hold up to his end of the deal and make sure he gives away the immunity idol. After he did that, they were going to vote him off.

So the scheming began.  Kenny told Bob he was feeling a bit scared about Tribal Council in an effort to make him convinced he should give away immunity.  But Bob said that he wasn’t going to give it away unless he truly felt Kenny was at risk to go.  So to make sure that it seemed like he was going to be ousted, Kenny asked the rest of the group to tell Bob they were going to vote against him.

But not everybody was on board with that plan.

Sugar told Bob that she was feeling weird about the people in her alliance. So she told Bob what Kenny’s plan was — to blindside him once he gave his idol away. Sugar thought it was time to take out Crystal. Sugar was brought to tears and said that she has a place in her heart for Bob and promised she wouldn’t vote against him. She said that a good guy needs to win the game.  Sugar told Matty in secret to vote for Crystal and as they left for Tribal Council, she put the hidden immunity idol around her neck since this was the last time the idol could be played.

Right off the bat, Probst called it out that Bob is a huge target in the game having won four challenges in the row with Kenny saying that Bob is an amazing player. Matty said that he’s happy Bob is the person dominating and winning the challenges instead of somebody with a little less caliber.  Then Kenny brought up the fact that Bob had promised to give away his immunity necklace.  But, Bob said they had re-negotiated the deal and that he wouldn’t give away the necklace unless he felt Kenny was really being threatened.  Kenny kept on playing the “poor me” card acting as if he would be the one to be sent packing if Bob didn’t give his immunity away. And he decided to keep it.

After they all cast their ballots, Probst returned to his podium and asked if anybody wanted to play the hidden idol that it was now time.  Sugar handed the hidden idol over to Matty and told him to take the “cursed” thing away. Matty played that hidden idol and the jury loved it. So both Bob and Matty were safe.

After receiving four votes, Crystal became the fifth member of the jury and was voted out of Survivor: Gabon.

Now it’s down to five moving into Sunday night’s live finale of Survivor: Gabon. Stay tuned to RealityTVMagazine.com for exclusive finale coverage including interviews from the red carpet in Hollywood.

Images courtesy of Jeffrey R. Staab and Monty Brinton/CBS.

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