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Survivor: Gabon Finale – Age Triumps Beauty

December 14, 2008 08:54 PM by DA Southern

TheSurvivor: Gabon finale has come down to this as Survivor: Gabon Host, Jeff Probst, recounted the season to date; Little man Kenny, who has played the power broker for all these weeks; Susie, who has glided under the radar and shifted in whatever ways the winds have carried her; Matty who now owes his game to Sugar; Sugar who “Does the thinking” in these here parts and the unlikely hero, Bob, the senior statesman of the group, who piles on win after win over what what has become brains over brawn for the finale of Survivor: Gabon. By the way, is it just me, or has anyone else noticed the name of the merged tribe as Gabon backwards, “Nobag.” Probably just me.

So tonight on Survivor: Gabon, we will have two Tribal Councils, the ritual “Walk of Losers,” you know, where we see the torches of everybody who was “Outwitted, Outsmarted and Outplayed” where each of the remaining four will tell what they thought of the now-departed survivors, some who we don’t even remember as it has been so long and , finally, the ultimate “Throw-Down” where the jury members get to say their peace, and won’t it be interesting to hear what Randy will have to say after one of the most clever “Blindsides” in Survivor history.

The five return back from Tribal Council after yet another blindside of Crystal and you can see the gears turning in Kenny’s head as to his next move he must make to keep going. Kenny said he felt betrayed and was still begging Bob for an immunity idol and Bob was funny when he told him to “Get his own.” Sugar had her sights on Sue and Kenny, wanting to go to the final three with Bob and Matty. Sugar did her smooth talking to appease Kenny and he really thought he was going to the final three with her.

Immunity Challenge

The five dressed up as warriors for their next challenge, a giant maze that Jeff Probst introduced them to for the next immunity challenge. The game was to find bags of puzzle pieces and build a hut and win immunity as they make their way through a giant maze. Susie was first onto the course. Sugar and Susie had a pretty god lead on the pack, but soon everybody seemed to be even. The biggest challenge was finding the different bags of puzzle pieces as the five seem to have a pretty good idea of the maze. Sugar was the first to have all of her puzzle pieces, followed by Bob, but Bob made short work of the puzzle and got immunity once again.

Tribal Council

Back at camp, the game play was heavy, but Kenny was fairly confident that he was safe. Susie was a little scared as no one was talking to her and she was a little bit concerned that she was the next to go. The five dressed for Tribal and Jeff greeted them and brought in the jury. Jeff asked Bob about his ability to win challenges. Kenny was funny when he talked about how he and Bob were from different worlds and that Bob had an advantage but was still trying to get Bob to give him the necklace. Kenny was digging himself in a big hole the more he talked, so it was interesting to see the vote come down. Jeff tallied the votes and Kenny and Susie each started out with a vote. In the end, Kenny had indeed shot himself in the foot and the Tribe voted him out unanimously.

Day 38 found the remaining four, especially for Susie, concerned about how crucial this last immunity challenge was for their fates. Susie knew that Bob had a strong chance of winning and knew that if he didn’t win, she was gone. The four then went on the “Torch Run” where we saw those that had been summarily kicked off got a final say about their experience as they headed to the final immunity challenge.

Final Immunity Challenge

The Survivor: Gabon Final Immunity Challenge had the four arriving to a full tribal greeting as they threw the mask of the fallen Survivors into a fire as they headed to the challenge. Jeff greeted the four for what would be the most crucial challenge for getting them closer to the $1,000,000.00. Jeff explained that the final challenge was to be another building challenge and that each Survivor would have 200 tiles to build a house 10 feet tall. The survivors got to it and Jeff announced that the highest house after 30 minutes or 10 feet tall. Sugar actually started out strong but lost her house after it was five feet tall. Bob was surprisingly slow and Susie took a lead and then lost her house. Matty actually pulled ahead with calm, deliberate building style. Sugar once again threw a house up and Susie actually had a pretty decent house built. At the 30 minute mark, Susie looked to be in the lead and, in the end, pulled out a very surprising win, probably sending Bob home tonight if she had anything to say about it. Now it comes down to who would be good to go up against in the jury pool. Bob was a real favorite in the jury, so to leave him in the final three would be a huge mistake, a $1,000,000.00 mistake.

The mood was a little different back at the camp and it was hard to get a gauge on who was going home. Bob seemed resigned to the fact that he was going home and Matty told him that he had to vote against him tonight. Sugar realized it as well and knew that no one could win against him in the jury. Susie actually tried to start a dialogue with Bob thinking that she might keep him…mistake…but was put off by Bob. Sugar had a plan to force a tie then let fate have its way, leaving Bob to ponder it all. Bob went out to start fire to practice for a face-off with Matty if it came down to that.

Final Tribal Council Eviction

This Survivor: Gabon Tribal Council was different because we really didn’t know if Sugar would stay true to her word. Jeff quizzed them all, with Matty definitely telling Jeff that Bob was his target. Sugar was unclear as to how she was going to vote telling Jeff hat Bob was a “Father Figure” and that Matty was like a brother. Jeff sent them off, with Sugar clearly in the swing vote category. Matt voted Bob, Bob voted Matty, Susie voted Bob and Sugar, true to her word, forced the tie. Bob was happy as he had practiced fire building and was probably better than Matty. Bob was first to get fire as Matty struggled. Bob’s flame went out and poor Matty could not even get a spark to ignite the kindling. Matty knew he was cooked when Bob finally got a fire built. Matty and went down in flames as Bob picked up a game-saving win and probably just won a million dollars in the process.

The final day is always a day of clean-up as the remaining three clean up and focus on what they will say to the jury. Honestly, Susie has no chance and it is really between Sugar and Bob in the end. Bob clearly has an advantage as he has garnered the most respect on the jury. It would be difficult to see anyone but Bob winning at this point, but we still have the jury questioning. The only way Sugar has a way to win is if the jury saw her as a player that truly got herself in the final three by Outwitting, Outplaying and Outsmarting everyone else, which may be the case and nice to see actually.

The Final Tribal Council: Jury Time

Susie started off by telling the jury that she just lasted longer so that is why she should win. Bob said that he didn’t necessarily Outwit or Outplay but just outlasted them. Sugar was the best speech as she said hat she truly made some good strategic decisions which may throw some votes to her in the end if the jury votes on the basis of what the game is all about.

Charlie was up first and seemed especially brutal to the ladies and flirted with Bob

Crystal accused Susie of riding coat tails and said that Sugar manipulated Bob.

Kenny asked why Susie why he should give her the cash and told Sugar that he “Scarred” him. Then Kenny still was harping on the darn immunity necklace debacle.

Corinne asked Susie if she would have her vocal cords removed and if Bob would be mean to Sugar. She then made it clear that she was not going to vote for Sugar.

Marcus said that since he was a doctor and said something vague to Susie about being a role model. He asked Sugar about giving some money to a charity and asked Bob if he was sorry about any decisions he had made.

Randy was cruel to Susie and insulted her. He got after Sugar for being glad he was voted out and asked Bob if he didn’t want his vote.

Matty finished by asking Susie why the others were less deserving of the million dollars and actually gave a pretty decent answer. Sugar announced that she was sorry for breaking Kenny’s heart and Bob answered that he was deserving of the million just as much as the others.

And The Winner Is…

The jury voted and we know that Matty voted for Susie and Corinne voted for Bob and no one, that we saw, voted for Sugar and Jeff was then whisked away with the results as entered the “Live Show” mode and the reveal of the winner. In the vote, Bob got 4 votes, Susie got 3 votes and Sugar got NO votes, in a little bit of a surprise. But it was a pretty good bet when Sugar forced the tie, that Bob was probably going to be the winner of Survivor: Gabon. The biggest shock was that Susie made it a game in the end, but truly, the best man won.

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