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Biggest Loser Families: Michelle Wins $250,000

December 16, 2008 09:12 PM by DA Southern


NBC’s TheBiggest Loser Families ends with a bang tonight as the final three, Vicky, Michelle and Ed or Heba will weigh-in for one last time to crown this season’s Biggest Loser weight loss winner after host, Alison Sweeney, sends them home to see their loved ones and to train for the finale. After all of the bad blood that has flown at the ranch this season, both physically and figuratively, it will be interesting to see if anyone will be gracious in victory and defeat. Unlike most of all of the reality shows out there, this one is all based on how hard they contestants work to reach their weight loss goals in the end. It’s all a number’s game and if one works harder at their weight loss than the other, then they win.

The very pregnant Biggest Loser host, Alison Sweeney, first recalled the journey of the 16 who started their journey this season and showed some powerful transformations in the process and we saw profiles of the final four and their individual journey to the weight loss final. We saw the brutal training that Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels heaped on the losers and it was fascinating to see the transformed lives emerge as the weight slipped away.


Alison asked Ed and Heba to come out to see who America voted for to go into the final three. They both came out and Heba looked fantastic and was totally different than the last time we saw her, truly a surprise. Ed was next out and, too, looked incredible as he was sure to be in the hunt for the runner up prize if America votes for an all-girl finale. America chose Ed by a landslide and I wonder if America didn’t want Heba to try for the final.


Alison then brought the eliminated players out; Adam and Stacey, who where the first eliminated, but Stacey had done really well with the weight loss and LT and Tom, who had slimmed down some but not enough to be in the competition for the $100,000. Alison sent them out to change into their weigh-in clothes for the first batch of Biggest Loser stats and then had the trainers, Bob and Jillian come out to give some weight loss tips.

Runner Up Weigh Ins:

Adam, started at 340, weighed 260, lost 80 pounds for a 23.53 percent loss.

Stacey, started at 221, weighed 156, lost 65 pounds for a 29.41 percent loss, putting her in the lead.

LT, started at 357 pounds, lost 87 pounds, 24.37 percent.

Tom, started at 314 pounds, lost 78 pounds for 24.84 percent loss, Stacey still in the lead.


Alison then brought out Jerry, who looked better than I expected and Coleen had clearly embraced her skinny side as she looked great in her flowing dress. Then Mom, Shellay and Amy came out and rocked the house with how they had changed. The Biggest Loser doctor stood and said Jerry had had dramatic changes in his overall health and had gained 24 years back.

Jerry, started at 380 pounds, now weighs 265, 115 loss, 30.26 percent loss for the lead.

Coleen, started at 218 pounds, now weighs 64 pounds less for a 29.36 percent loss, but Jerry still leads in percentage.

Shellay, started at 216 pounds and has lost 74 lbs, 34.26 percent loss and now leads.

Amy, started at 239 and needed to lose 81 pounds to lead and lost 104 pounds for a 43.51 percentage and leading.

Next out was Phil and Amy, who were incredible looking and Brady and Renee who looked great too. Renee still had some more to lose and Brady looked like he had more he could have lost to be a competitor for the $100,000, but it is hard to tell sometimes.

Phillip started at 331 pounds and lost a total of 151 pounds, for a loss of 45.62 percent and the new leader.

Amy started at 229 and has lost 105 pounds for a 45.85 percent loss and the lead.

Brady started at 341 pounds and lost 117 pounds and a 44.31percent loss, not enough to take the lead.

Renee started at 267 pounds and lost 106 pounds, 39.70 percent loss, not quite enough to take the lead from Amy.


Heba was the last eliminated player to weigh-in. She started at 294 pounds and lost 156 pounds for a weight loss of 46.94 percent loss to edge out Amy for the $100,000 runner-up prize. Now Ed could win for a complete sweep in the end but Ed was not known as a big loser at the ranch.

The going home sessions were next up as we saw the finalist head home. The Biggest Losers head home to tearful reunions and encouragement from loved ones to give them the impetus to get to the final weigh-in.

We first saw Ed and Heba go home and they did look completely different than when they left their home. The cheering throng that greeted them were very surprised at the duo’s change and you could see it on the faces as the tears flowed for the changes that Ed and Heba had gone through. We also were shown the difficulty that Ed had when it came to planning and cooking meals that he would be tasting that would help keep him on his weight loss journey. Maybe he should have gone to our sister site, SheKnows.com to check out the recently released Biggest Loser meal plans that NBC has put together.


Vicky was next to go home and she stopped at her son’s school for her big reveal. Vicky, with all that she has put us through, has managed to give us quite a journey and lost a fair amount of weight in the process. Brady was shocked how much she had changed since he last saw her and Vicky ended her homecoming by telling them that they had one more weigh-in to go and that she expected everyone to work out with her at some time. Vicky admitted that with the challenges of being home, it was probably hardest to work out at home, but with the finale right around the corner, she and Brady had some extra incentive as one was up for the big prize and the other for the runner-up prize for those eliminated, but Brady fell short.

Michelle was the last to be showcased with the home-town crowd and her reunion seemed the shortest of the bunch. Michelle’s dad was as happy as he could possibly be to have his little girl, Shelli back, as he called her, and Michelle looked the most changed of the finalist. If she doesn’t fall back into old habits, she might have a pretty decent shot at the big prize. Even her dad so much as admitted as such and it was fun to watch Michelle work out as she prepares.

Now the finalist are out and Ed came back out, then Vicky, who looked pretty thin, and finally, Michelle, whose hard work looks like it will be a real horse race between the girls. Alison then sent them off to get ready for the final weigh-in.


Final Weigh-In:

Ed started at 335 and lost 139 pounds for a total percentage of weight loss of 41.49 percent, better than expected.

Vicky started at 246 pounds and has lost 101 lbs for a total percentage of weight loss of 41.06 percent, not enough to beat Ed by 1 pound, which was more a shock to Ed than to us probably.

And finally Michelle who started at 242 pounds needed to lose over 100 pounds to beat Ed.

The scale bounced back and forth and Michelle lost 110 pounds for a total percentage of weight loss of 45.45 percent and is the Biggest Loser.

An extra tidbit of information for our readers. Heba lost almost 50% of her body weight where Michelle only lost about 45% of hers. If Heba would have been in the finale instead of Ed, she would have blown the other two ladies out of the water to win the big prize. Seeing as Michelle was one of the Biggest Loser sweethearts, and Heba was grouped with one of the shows most famous villains (Vicky), it seems like maybe the voters wanted to make sure that no one on Bob’s Blue Team won. We think that Heba can thank Vicky and her cattinessfor the loss of $150,000 that would have rightfully been hers.

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