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American Idol Wild Card Show Will Include Judges’ Picks

December 17, 2008 08:12 PM by Joe Reality


One of the biggest mistakes that American Idol ever made was getting rid of the wild card round. After the whole controversy of the Josiah Leming cut during American Idol 7, it was pretty obvious that the wild card would return.

With the upcoming American Idol 8, it has been confirmed that the wild card is back. During a press call, American Idol executive producer Ken Warwick spoke about the reasons for the return of the wild card.

Warwick said, “Well a number of reasons. One, obviously wherever we can, we want to change things up a little bit and we felt that in doing the twelve and twelve, that by the time we got down to like the final eight, we’d been living with these kids for like eight weeks already and you know if any of them didn’t have you know fantastic characters it got a bit boring. So, we’ve changed it slightly back to the way we used to have it in that there will be now be a top thirty-six that go forward from Hollywood, that will be three shows of twelve, all different twelve, a different twelve each week.”

But how will the singers in the wild card round be selected? Warwick explained, “And then the viewers at home will put the top three through from those three weeks, which gives us nine, and we need a top twelve. So then we’re having a wild card show, where three of the kids will be the fourth highest vote. So from each week, you’ll get the top boy, the top girl and the next highest vote through. And then when we get to the wild card show, the fourth from those three shows will go through and then the judges can add to it, anybody they like that they thought maybe they knew was better and was just off form. Maybe they picked the wrong song. Whatever reason they choose, they can make that fourth show up to probably about nine or ten people, I haven’t quite decided yet. And then, they will decide who the final three will be.”

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Photo Credit: Michael Becker/FOX

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