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Dancing With The Stars: Toni Braxton, Breast Cancer?

December 17, 2008 04:00 PM by Paulene Hinds


Toni Braxton was missed at the finale of Dancing With the Stars last month, but for good reason. She had a benign tumor removed from her breast the week before the show was to air.

The sweet voiced singer, Toni Braxton said that she knew she had the tumor before she appeared on Dancing With the Stars and scheduled surgery directly after she was eliminated from the competition on October 20. It was non-cancerous so we can report that Toni Braxton does not have breast cancer.

Toni Braxton told US Weekly, “Getting the boot on the show was actually a blessing in disguise for me. My grandmother on my dad’s side died of breast cancer, and I have aunts on both sides that have breast cancer.”

Toni Braxton is recovering and isscheduled to appear on the Dancing With the Stars tour, which begins today in San Diego.

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Photo Credit:starpulse.com

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