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Momma’s Boys: 32 Girls, 3 Bachelors And Their Moms

December 17, 2008 04:00 AM by DA Southern


NBC’s Momma’s Boys is a dating show like none other and hails from the fertile mind of Ryan Seacrest, the most prolific man in tinsel town these days. The premise you probably know. Mix in 32 beautiful women and match them with three eligible bachelors, Michael Sarysz, Robert Kluge and JoJo Bojanowski who want to hookup, I mean, marry them and the girls must run through various challenges to test their mettle. Typical stuff, right? Momma’s Boys throws in the boy’s mothers, Lorraine Sarysz-Nichols, Esther Kluge and Khalood Bojanowski who will have a great amount of say as to the kind of girl that is right for their sons and you now have an interesting premise. Heck, I never wanted my mom even knowing my girlfriends, much less picking them out for me.

When themothersmove into the house, the drama will begin. Some of the standard types of girls are in the house and some wild ones are thrown in to make things spicy and the boys will struggle between the relationship with their moms and that of true love.

The girls were quickly profiled and, with 32 of them, it will take us a while to get to know them. Our first scene with 25 year old Michael was seen with Michael’s mom, Lorraine Sarysz-Nichols, picking out his clothes before they left to meet the girls.

We next caught up with Momma’s BoyRob and he was extolling the virtues of his mom, andhim. His mom, Esther, talked about how she did everything for him, including buying is underwear.


Our final Momma’s Boy, Jojo, who was profiled by his mom, Khalood, and, boy was she opinionated as she only wanted a white girl with a little butt, and, oh yeah, no Jewish girls either.

Well, you can bet there will be drama and a lot of it as the girls jockey for the attention of the Momma’s Boys.Of course it all started as soon as the girls arrived when one of the girls, Cara, broke her shoe and started to cry about it. The other girls started in on Cara right away and, immediately, the cat fights began.


The girls started to get to know each other a bit and some probably shared more than others, because this is a competition. One girl, Jessica, told of her three year old son and another talked of her posing in Playboy.

The guys entered the building to the adoring throng and immediately it was game on. The girls swarmed the guys and you could tell that the Momma’s Boys were eating it up. One of the girls, Megan was a bit overwhelmed and went into the house to be alone. Lynette was keen on Rob, which will be big trouble with mom probably. All of these girls felt chemistry, or so they thought, and the guys headed to their condos to leave the house prepping for the moms.


What was next was not going to be pretty as the moms arrived to move in with the girls. The girls seemed to all have their favorites and all sat together to watch videos of the moms as they talked about what they wanted for their sons. The girls they saw Jojo’s mom talking and a lot of them were turned off as she talked of the things she did not want, including black girls. There is trouble in the house already as Jojo’s mom offended most all of the girls in the house in one way or another. Cara was a bit happy since some of the heat was taken off of her as the offended girls bitched.


Lorraine Sarysz-Nichols was first into meet the girls and seemed to be fairly pleasant to the girls at the outset. Next in was Esther and she felt responsible already if her son, Rob, didn’t meet the girl of his dreams. The girls seemed to have high-praise for Rob which pleased his mom. Khalood walked into a different vibe as the girls were very apprehensive to meet her. Insert crickets chirping sounds as Khalood tried to meet the girls as most of the girls seemed put off by her already. Khalood started to alienate many of the girls by calling a few out to ask embarrassing questions. Several of the African-American girls could not hold their tongues and confronted Khalood on her opinionated views and the fireworks began and we were worn out just watching it all.

The weeks ahead will have boys against mothers against future daughters as moms will even go against moms as they vie for the right girls for their sons and the show moves to Monday nights, where it will be home from now on.

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