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Secret Millionaire: Molly Shattuck changes lives in Shenandoah

December 17, 2008 08:12 PM by Britteny Elrick


Tonight’s Secret Millionaire Molly Shattuck, NFL cheerleader and Maryland socialite, will be leaving behind her life of luxuryfor one week. Accompanied by her motherJoan, they will have to survive on welfare wages in one of Pennsylvania’s most impoverished neighborhoods.At the end of the week, Molly will reveal hersecret millionaire statusin order tosurprise deserving individuals with a generous gift of a large amount of money.

Molly will be completing the task with her mother Joan. They are given $109 for the week. As they leave Molly’s house, Molly breaks down at the thought of leaving her kids. Upon arriving at their run-down apartment, the girls are shocked at the conditions. They find bugs and mold everywhere. Their landlady knocks on the door and collects half of their rent, which is $44, and they quickly realize they need a job.

First, they visit a grocery store and happen to find a help wanted sign. Both of them are hired (@ $6.65/hr) and start training. Molly starts by mopping the entire floor, while her mother goes to work in the deli. Later that evening, the girls are feeling exhausted and go to bed early.


Day three of Secret Millionaire, the girls head off to work again and Molly is concerned that they haven’t connected with anyone in need yet. Their boss asks them to deliver some groceries to a local family. When they get inside they see that it is a daycare center. They strike up a conversation with Tammy and finds out she has 4 foster kids, 3 kids of her own, and takes care of 7 neighborhood children. She tells them about one of the babies who was born with cocaine in his system and then abandoned. On the way back, Molly strikes up a conversation with her mother about how little she visits her grandkids.

Day four of Secret Millionaire, Molly meets Mary, a lady in her grocery line who runs a food pantry out of her salon. That afternoon, the girls visit the pantry and volunteer. Mary and Molly pack her car up with food and deliver several boxes to people’s homes. They are invited in by Brenda, a widow with three kids. They discover her house is falling apart and she has no way of fixing it. Molly is overwhelmed by the situation and her mother is happy to see the emotion coming from her.


Later, Molly and her mom talk. Her mother tells her how proud she is of her and they make some breakthroughs in their relationship. Together they go to reveal their true identities. First, they go back to Brenda’s house and present her with $70k. Then they go back to visit the daycare and gives Tammy $20k. She also surprises her with a yard full of toys for the kids. Finally, she goes back to find Mary at the food pantry. They give Mary a check for $100k.

In Thursday night’s Finale, Salt Lake City, Utah businessman/entrepreneur Greg Haerr goes to Las Vegas, Nevada. Secret Millionaire airs on Thursday, December 18 from 8 PM to 9 PM ET/PT on FOX.

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Photo Credit: Michael Yarish/FOX

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One Response to “Secret Millionaire: Molly Shattuck changes lives in Shenandoah”

  1. angelbleu Says:
    December 18th, 2008 at 7:58 am

    The first check she handed out was for 70K not 20K.


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