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Stylista: Elle Magazine Has A New Jr Editor

December 17, 2008 08:52 PM by Britteny Elrick


On the season finale of Stylista, find out which contestant Anne Slowey will choose to win the coveted prize of Jr Editor at Elle Magazine, a year’s clothing allowance from H&M, and a New York apartment. It’s down to the final three hopefuls: DyShaun, Johanna and Megan. But only onewill win the title of Stylista.

Brett surprises the contestants at their house and tells them that they will be interviewing with Roberta Meyers, Editor-in-chief of Elle Magazine. DyShaun is the first person to interview and she asks him some hard questions. Then she asks him for his portfolio and they discuss the different tasks.

Johanna is the second one to talk with Roberta. Johanna has to explain why she took a leave of absence as a military analyst to give this a try. Megan gets into some tough questions in regard to why she sold her retail store. When asked if she had any questions for Roberta, Megan was the only one who responded with a “no.”


When Roberta meets with Joe Zee and Anne, they discuss the differences between the contestants. Robbie feels DyShaun has good experience, but needs some fine tuning. They agree that Johanna is a good thinker, but she is a bit too fragile. Megan has good taste, but isn’t very personable. All of the them are called back into the room with the editors. They are told that based on their interview, Robbie will be sending one of them home right away. Megan is sent home.

DyShaun and Johanna will be competing against eachother in the final task — creating a cover. This will be the ultimate Stylistatask as each of the finalistswill be responsible for the entire photo shoot, styling, and cover titles. Later on, Malina brings back the former contestants to assist them on their designs. Malina selects names out of a hat and chooses Megan to be with Johanna. Danielle and Ashlie are chosen for DyShaun, and Kate for Johanna.


As the teams sit down to brainstorm, Kate and Megan get into it again. Megan walks away and starts putting her hands in front of the camera saying she’s done with everything. Jodi, the producer, asks her what is wrong. Megan says she doesn’t want to give someone else her ideas, nor does she want to work with Kate again. She goes back to tell Johanna that she’s leaving, and Johanna fights for her to stay. Johanna tells Megan that it will be 2-3 and convinces her to stay.

Johanna doesn’t want any creative input from her assistants so they just stand by and watch as she chooses the outfits for the shoot. She says she wants to entirely succeed or fail by herself. Megan thinks she is on the wrong track as she is only choosing purple clothes. DyShaun’s is taking a much different approach and is getting a wide variety of clothes.

DyShaun’s shoot is first and he has a hard time getting the right shots within the time frame. Eve starts to get a little edgy. Johanna’s shoot is next and Eve is loving the clothes she picked out. Backstage, Megan tells Anne and Joe that Johanna didn’t want any of their help. Kate tells Johanna what happened later and it sparks another problem between Megan and Kate.


For the final judging, Eve will be the guest judge and helping decide who is the new Jr Editor at Elle Magazine. DyShaun’s presentation is up first. They discuss his issues with the time management and clothing. They like his inside the cover picture better than the one he used on the front. Eve tells them she felt the shoot was unorganized, but she loved the clothes. When Johanna presents her cover, they absolutely love it. She took a bit of a risk with the pose she used. They do feel that her taglines are too cluttered, as is the inside page. Eve said she thought Johanna was organized and the shoot was well thought out.

The judges deliberate over the two choices. They love DyShaun’s sense of style and witty taglines. They are concerned about his lack of detail and copy errors.They love how Johanna has grown and were really impressed with her cover. They like her preciseness, but also feel she over thinks things. Johanna’s cover taglines were cluttered and intelligible. Anne brings them in and tells them that Johanna is winner of Stylistaand the new Jr Editor at Elle Magazine.

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