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American Idol: Simon Cowell Leaving The Show?

December 19, 2008 11:10 AM by Paulene Hinds


He says…she says, she is leaving…he is leaving? What is going on with American Idol these days. Paula Abdul spoke out last week to Barbara Walters and said that she is staying on with the show because she is under contract and now Simon Cowell is speaking to reporters and claiming that he may be leaving the show next year due to an increasing workload. He also talked about thePaula Goodspeed incidentand being bullied by the women judges on the new season of the show.

“I’ll make a decision about (whether to stay with the show) next year,” Simon Cowell said in a conference call with reporters on Wednesday. He said his decision about staying with the show doesn’t come from personality conflict as much as it does workload. “This show could continue for another 10 years,” he said.

Simon Cowell also spoke out about Paula’s statement that the producers of American Idol brought in Paula Goodspeed to audition on the show against her wishes. Paula Goodspeed is the woman who auditioned for the show and recently killed herself outside of Paula Abdul’s house. Simon Cowell said that the producers are being portrayed unfairly.

“These guys have the utmost integrity as human beings,” Simon Cowell said. “(The judges) wouldn’t work with (the producers) if they were the kind of people who would deliberately do something like that. We’ve taken them on their word that they didn’t know this person was as troubled as she was.”

On a lighter note, Simon Cowell described adding a new judge, another female, to American Idol has brought a battle-of-the-sexes edge to the new season.

When Simon Cowell was asked about a producer’s comment that the newest judge Kara DioGuardi and original lone female Paula Abdul are teaming up against him, Simon Cowell answered, “What guy would like that? You’ve got two girls ganging up on you. One is hard enough, two is unbearable.”

But with Randy Jackson at his side, Simon Cowell quipped, “it’s not that bad.”

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