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A Double Shot At Love: Dead Contestant Was Allegedly Drunk And Street Racing With Friend

December 21, 2008 10:00 AM by Paulene Hinds


Kandice Hutchison, the MTV A Double Shot at Love reality dating series contestant who was killed in an October 21 car crash in Euless, Texas, was allegedly drunk and street racing at the time of the crash. Her blood-alcohol level was reportedly 0.24 which is three times the legal limit and anti-depressants were also found in her system.

Kandice Hutchinson was one of many women trying to win a relationship with one or more of the bisexual twins on MTV’s news series A Double Shot at Love.

Kandice Hutchinson’s friend was driving the second car involved in the crash and local police are requesting that the Tarrant County district attorney’s office consider filing street racing charges against him.

The Star-Telegram, a Texas newspaper, stated that the police have concluded that Kandice Hutchison and Benjamin Michael Rowell’s 2:30 AM crash occurred after they veered into a Euless freeway’s left and right lanes to pass a car in the center lane and Kandice Hutchison’s vehicle struck Benjamin Michael Rowell’s after she turned back into the center lane.

Benjamin Michael Rowell’s car ended up striking the median and spun out before stopping, and Kandice Hutchinson’s car flipped onto the median and slid along the top of it before slamming into a bridge support and catching fire, the Star Telegram reported.

Kandice Hutchinson was ejected out of the vehicle and she was pronounced dead at the scene. It was determined that she was not wearing a seat belt at the time of the crash. Benjamin Rowell escaped from the crash without injury.

According to the newspaper, Kandice Hutchison’s family did not respond to their repeated attempts to contact them for comment.

Kandice Hutchinson had previously taped her segments of MTV’s A Double Shot at Love which premiered on December 9 and MTV has stated it plans to air a tribute to Kandice Hutchison sometime during the show’s season.

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Photo Credit: MTV

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