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Extreme Makeover Home Edition: Dynamite Demo!

December 21, 2008 07:09 PM by Candace Young


On Extreme Makeover: Home Edition this week, the team is in Cheyenne, Wyoming to help the Miller family, who rescue abandoned and abused animals. Their home has gas inside that is literally poisoning their living environment. Dan and Dawn bought a 20-acre piece of land to house the growing number of rescued animals. The property had a house on it which is partially built into a hillside. Destiny and Dakota, the children, started getting sick. Testing revealed that the house had radon inside! The Millers cannot afford to fix the house and the asthmatic children are suffering.

Ty and the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Design Team arrive at the Miller home and call them outside with the megaphone. New member of the team, Rib Hillis, is thrilled to be a part of the experience! Ty tells the family they are going on vacation to Washington, D.C. Eduardo says they will not only be taking care of humans this week, but animals as well!

Dan and Dawn show Ty through the home. He remarks that the house doesn’t look that bad inside – but it’s what you can’t see that is the problem – the radon gas. Paige talks to Destiny about High School Musical – her favorite movie. Paige says it will be the theme for her room. John is doing Dakota’s room. He discovers that the boy is a soccer nut, and will use that as his inspiration. Rib will work on a space for the animals.

Dynamite Day!

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition erects a ‘Blasting Zone’ sign as the volunteers arrive. Carter Brothers Construction, headed by Mitch Carter, will handle the project. Ty contacts the Miller family in Washington, and they watch via video as Ty blows up a day-bed and their old dishwasher as ‘appetizers’, before using 350 sticks of dynamite to demo the house!

Day 3

Ty explains that they are laying a vapor barrier to keep radon from getting into the new house. Paige is working on Destiny’s drama room, cutting out large drama masks. Rib is in the 1000 square foot area that has been designated for the animals, complete with ‘doggy doors’! John is working on a sports locker for Dakota’s soccer room! Eduardo is working on a grand entrance design composed of stain glass windows.

Day 4

Stonework is being done and the house is up and ready for siding! Ty is outside, finding inspiration for the headboard of the bed in an old fence. He gets the family on the video and asks if they’d like to meet David Beckham. Dakota is ecstatic! The Millers go to a soccer game and David comes to speak to them afterward, even inviting Dakota to his soccer academy!

Day 5

Eduardo is showing off the front of the house where the stained glass windows will be, and remarks that there will be 52 windows all together in the house. Rib is busy worrying about toilets and how dogs think! John goes to meet Dakota’s soccer team, telling them that Dakota will be healthy enough to come back and play with them before long!

The Millers check in via video again and Eduardo urges them to pick out the appliances they want from a Sears catalog! Ty is working on the master bedroom – his secret project for this week!

Day 6

The furniture is going into the house! The Design Team celebrates by introducing to the volunteers, singing guest, Wynonna, who is a huge animal rights advocate. The volunteers watch, enrapt, as she sings “I Want To Know What Love Is”. Wynonna says that she is amazed by seeing all of the people who have come together and worked so hard to help this family.

Bring ‘Em Home!

The limousine pulls up behind the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition bus as the volunteers cheer. Dan tears up as he sees the crowd, saying it’s the happiest day of his life! Everyone chants, “Move that bus,” and the family dissolves into tears as they see their large, beautiful home revealed. Ty brings the Carter Brothers forward and the family gives them hugs.

Next, the Miller family goes inside and they all cry anew as they see the spacious kitchen, dining room, and living areas. Ty comes in and tells them about the vapor barrier that will protect the family from being exposed to Radon gas.

Destiny goes to see her ‘drama room’ and screams with delight at the mini-theater theme. Dakota is overwhelmed with his soccer-themed bedroom – he lays on the bed and throws a ball around. Ty takes them to see the master bedroom. Dan describes it as homey and comfortable. Ty has done a rustic-feel room, with framed photos of dogs on the walls.

Last, the family goes to check out the new room for the animals. They open the door and are greeted by their dogs that are ensconced in a room with beds, kennels, ‘doggy doors’, and toilets for the dogs to drink water from!

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Photos Courtesy: ABC

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