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17 Kids and Counting Duggars Deliver #18!

December 22, 2008 09:40 PM by Lisa Stauber


TLC didn’t waste a moment airing a special edition of 17 Kids and Counting. Michelle Duggar delivered baby #18 a few days ago and they are already airing the birth! Reality TV Magazine is ready to give you the scoop on the new addition.

The Duggars are preparing for the birth, taking a poll on possible names. Each one of their children’s names start with J, so they’ll have to be creative with this one! With 17 Kids and Countingyou never know what suggestions you will get and during the brainstorming session the kids have food on the brain, offering up “Jamocha” and “Juicy Fruit”. Michelle Duggar knows she’s having a little girl, and eventually they pick one- but it’s not Julie, as Jim Bob had hoped!

Later, all of the children take a tour of the new birth center. New driver Jinger gets to drive the shuttle bus that the Duggars use as a family car to the hospital. It’s a top of line room, and even has a microwave so the new dad doesn’t have to leave for any reason. The room is huge and easily fits 20 Duggars! The kids are more interested in the cool waiting room toys and gadgets, though.


17 Kids and Countingmom and dad, Michelle and Jim Bob, go in for a checkup, and are planning a VBAC – vaginal birth after caesarean. Michelle’s had two C-sections and 12 VBAC’s. She’s a high risk pregnancy, since she’s over 40 and had so many children but Jim Bob trusts their doctor to safely deliver their newest baby.

Next up is a Today how appearance, and the kids are cranky to have to get up so early. Josh Duggar’s new bride Anna is nervous, and she’s not used to live interviews yet.

Michelle takes the family to a specialty baby boutique, and Jim Bob has to go along for the ride. “Shopping wears me out. Women like my wife like to look at every little thing,” Jim Bob says. “It kind of wears on a guys nerves.” He finds a rocking chair display to rest. “Look at that car seat cover! It’s paisley!” says Michelle, who’s just getting started. Little Jackson starts dancing to a toy’s music, but the 17 Kids and CountingDuggar children are not allowed to dance. Jinger’s convinced he’s just being silly wiggling, though.

Even though Michelle Duggar has given birth many times, they are attending a Bradley natural childbirth class with a family friend. The Duggars think you can always keep learning, even when the conversation turns to sex.


Two week s before her due date, Michelle starts having contractions. Grandma’s arrived to watch over the household while the Duggars rush off to the hospital. They’re taking some of the older girls with them to attend the birth — the Duggars do everything as a family! Michelle’s a little concerned, though, because she thinks the baby is lying sideways. In order to have her VBAC the baby much be head down, not laying in a breech (feet down) or transverse (side ways) position. Beacause Michelle is already four centimeters dilated the doctor wants to proceed with aC-section.

Jim Bob puts on a paper surgical suit so he can be in the operating room with Michelle, and Jessa Duggar gets to see it as well. Jordyn-Grace Makiyah is a healthy baby girl! Duggar number 18 was born on December 18, the perfect birthday!


What do you think of the Duggar family? Chat on our message boards! Reality TV Magazine is your source for breaking Duggar news, or for more on Reality TV, check out SirLinksALot:Reality TV.

Photos courtesy TLC.

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One Response to “17 Kids and Counting Duggars Deliver #18!”

  1. geneduckett Says:
    December 23rd, 2008 at 1:03 am

    Wow, what a beautiful family! First command is to be fruitful, and to multiply, and to go forth into the earth and subdue it. They are so happy and such a blessing to society.

    It is too bad that our society subscribes to the lies that the earth is over populated. The earth needs to be populated FURTHER with the same type of loving families.

    Good for them. I look forward to meeting this family some day.


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