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Momma’s Boys Send Many Girls Home

December 22, 2008 09:35 PM by DA Southern


Momma’s Boys last week was a bit different from a usual reality show than we are used to seeing as no one was kicked off and seemed a lot more social. In fact, all that we saw last week was the girls arriving, the guys arriving, the moms arriving, and, oh, yeah, the turmoil that was Jojo’s mom, Mrs B, as she is affectionately called, with some interesting drama thrown in. OK, so there was some interesting developments but tonight we get into the meat of the show as we start to see the girls begin to put their hooks into the bachelors and rile the moms in the process.

The screaming that started last week continued as the race relationsheated up more. There was more swearing and foul language…but enough about Mrs B. The girls continued to hammer on Mrs B on her rather spicy views. One of the girls, Vita, decided to apologize trying to take the high ground. Mrs B was not that magnanimous and the moms went to their rooms.


Mrs B decided to sleep on the couch and even in her sleep was causing disruptions in the house. Upstairs, Cara decided to show Esther her sexy lingerie and Esther was not so sure as to the character of Cara at that point. The moms then went to the boys rooms to try to pitch who they think should go at elimination tonight.

Jojo’s mom was trying to get rid of Vita as quickly as possible, but Jojo actually wanted to keep her around. Esther was not so hot on Cara, because of the lingerie scene and Lorraine had singled out some girls because of tattoos for elimination. None of the boys seemed in agreement with their moms.

An evening cocktail party was another chance for Vita to make her case withJojo because of what had happened and Jojo was very gracious to Vita and appreciative for her efforts and assured her that it was his decision in the end.


Bob then read a note to the girls about the first elimination and said that if they received a text that said, yes, they would be staying, but if they received one that said, no thanks, they would be leaving and that quite a few of them would be leaving. Welcome to dating in the new millennium. Those on the cusp would be invited to the pool and then given a chance to plead their case or make a connection in order to stay.

Rana Lyn, Simone, Donna Coffee, Amy and Jessica Brown were gone early while several more girls were asked to the pool area for a final decision. Madelene and Lynette went home in the pool showdown and Mrs B’s arch-nemis, Vita, was asked to stay by Jojo, which sent Mrs B over the edge and after the pool scene, Vita and Mrs B were back at each other’s throats again.

So now it starts to get fun as we will see the first Suitability Challenge designed by UFC president, Dana White. Dana and the UFC guys came to workout the girls for a chance to be safe from elimination. Four girls would be safe after the challenge and, besides several broken nails, the girls were troopers. The guys then came to do the obstacle course and they were all trying to out stud each other in front of the girls and the moms, but the challenge got the best of the boys and two of Momma’s Boys threw up. So much for impressing the ladies.

Erica and Amanda impressed the moms with their concern for the guys as they struggled after the endurance contest but poor Rob was eventually sent by ambulance to be checked out. In the end, Dana White picked, Camilla, Stacy, Cara and Brittany as the top four and safe from elimination.

The girls were next to the ice hocky rink to watch Jojo play hockey and many of the girls did not want to mess up their hair. Mrs B was hot on Liz and wanted Jojo to ask her out for a date. Jojo did not listen to his mom and asked Brittany for a date, again leaving Mrs B ticked off. Brittany and Jojo were off riding horses on the beach and a kiss was soon on tap and when they came home all of the girls watched as they kissed in the hot tub once again. Mrs B would have none of that and went to the tub to break up the romantic moment by getting in the tub with them. Insert your own comments here.


The girls went to a fire training session to visit Michael to give him a chance to pick a girl for a date. Michael was hot for Michelle and Megan, a certain type that was obvious. In the end, Michael stayed true to his nature and picked the curvy blond, Michelle, and he also seemed to hack off his mom, Lorraine, who had to walk it off because she was upset with his decision.


Michael and Michelle were out on a boat together and it didn’t take long for the fireworks to begin. The fireworks continued at the hot tub and as the Champaign flowed while mom, Lorraine, was pacing the floor stressed out that Michael was choosing a stereotypical girl. After the date, Michelle went up to Lorraine and tried to tell her how great the date went and you could see in her eyes that she was not as thrilled as Michelle about the date. Lorraine was so upset that she even said that she might as well go home if she was not going to listened to about her choices.

Rob was next to pick a date and had the girls out to a winery for a luncheon. Esther seized Rob early on and even tried her hand at some matchmaking with some of the girls. Amanda Meyers was Rob’s choice and they seemed to have a bit more of a reserved date than the other two guys had. Rob was very taken with her and finally gave her a kiss to see if they had any chemistry and he thought they did.

The next elimination round was up and the girls had to get their cell phones ready to see if they were staying or leaving. We know that Camilla, Stacy, Cara and Brittany were safe due to the challenge so we were all on pins and needles to see who would be leaving next.

The moms were all in to tell who they wanted gone and Lorraine was not wanting Michelle to stay and really put the guilt trip on him about her while pushing Erica and Amanda. Esther was in to talk to Rob and was still pushing Lauren and Megan and Rob was not so hot on the idea while Mrs B was in giving Jojo the usual business. The Momma’s Boyshad to sit and listen.

More girls were headed off and the text messages were soon flowing. Poor Vita, who had fought with Mrs B, was eliminated as was Payten with the reserved Megan headed to the pool once again to fight to stay. What was interesting this time around was that even the moms were starting to bicker between each other as to which girl they wanted with their sons. As they herd gets smaller, it will be even more of a cat fight between the moms as the son’s choices dwindle.

In the elimination, Lorain was saved by Rob when she said that she thought there was something between her and Rob. Megan, who was sexed up a bit by the other girls, approached Rob and was told that she was not for him since she might not want kids. Michael also said that he did not have a connection with her. It came down to Jojo and he asked her if she was serious about finding a relationship. She said that she was ready for the first time in her life, which swayed Jojo and that decision was about to send Carina home.


In a shocking turn of events, there was a moment that Megan didn’t want to send Carina home because she didn’t believe she had been given a fair shake and in the end, Megan decided to go home instead.

Next week on Momma’s Boys, files of the girls arrive and will send shock waves through the ranks as the moms get to look into the background of their potential daughter in laws.

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