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American Idol: Kara DioGuardi And Paula Abdul Gang Up On Simon Cowell

December 24, 2008 09:00 AM by Joe Reality


When it was first announced that Kara DioGuardi would be joining the judges’ panel of American Idol 8, there was much media speculation that she might clash with Paula Abdul, who had been Idol’s lone female judge. However, American Idol executive producer Ken Warwick recently revealed that Kara DioGuardi and Paula Abdul often teamed up to give Simon Cowell grief.

In past seasons, Simon Cowell almost always got his way in which contestants made it through the audition round. Paula Abdul often found herself the lone voice of support for some contestants, but things have changed with Kara DioGuardi joining the panel of judges. In a recent call with reporters, Warwick explained, “This time Kara and Paula, the two girls, if they thought someone showed potential, then they could kind of gang up on Simon, which was quite good TV for me, and put them through, and in some cases, when we got to Hollywood, it was something that needed to be done.”

In the Hollywood round, the contestants sometimes don’t show the same greatness they did in the audition rounds. A number of things can affect contestants in Hollywood from stage fright to travel fatigue. Warwick said, “The girls actually picked up on this and said, ‘you know you’ve had a tough day, I think you’ve got potentially, we’ll put you through,’ and normally, that wouldn’t have happened.”

When asked how Simon Cowell reacted to Kara DioGuardi and Paula Abdul ganging up on him, Warwick responded, “Simon reacts – oh, miserable and he didn’t like it and he sometimes had a go – you know, it was good for the show. It was a good dynamic. You know the fact that all of a sudden, he always had the casting vote, occasionally it was good when for once he met a bit of resistance and he couldn’t steamroll the people into going his way.”

In regards to other ways that Kara DioGuardi has changed the judging panel, Warwick said, “She’s young, she’s opinionated, she incredibly talented, also she’s a really good singer. So, in the past when the kid is standing in front of them and said, ‘oh well you cant sing, you sing it then if you know so much about it,’ this is the one situation where the judge has been able to say all right then, I tell you what, you should have sung it like this and show the kid exactly how they should have sung it. Which does happen in a couple of the audition shows.”

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Photo Credit: Michael Becker/FOX

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