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Dancing With The Stars: Lance Bass Says Training For Dance Competition Comparable To Cosmonaut Preparation

December 26, 2008 11:00 AM by Paulene Hinds


For the first time in six years former N’ Sync star, Lance Bass is on tour with Dancing With the Stars and he couldn’t be happier. The singer, dancer and cosmonaut spoke to the Las Vegas Journal about his preparation for Dancing With the Stars and said that training for the show was comparable to his preparation to fly to space via the Russians.

“Cosmonaut training was a little harder … a lot more things to learn,” he said. “My body hurt more doing the ‘Dancing with the Stars’ than it did with the training for a cosmonaut, because every day you’re destroying your body.”

Lance Bass lost more than 20 pounds while competiting on Dancing With the Stars and became more limber in the process, but even after landing third place on the show, he still doesn’t consider himself Fred Astaire. “I still don’t consider myself a dancer, but I think I’m faking it pretty well,” he told the Journal.

Lance is hoping to one day end up in space and is officially certified as a cosmonaut. When an opportunity arises, he will live at an International space station for 10 days, performing experiments pertaining to the environment.

“My dream is — a lot of my experiments are going to be environmental studies and I want to do more scholastic stuff for our schools — update textbooks, pictures, experiments in space,” he stated.

The reasonLance Bassloves the physical demands of cosmonaut training is, “I’m a thrill junkie, for sure,” he said and when asked why he isn’t scared of Space flying, he replied, “I trust things more than I should.”

So what is next for Lance Bass?

After the Dancing With the Stars Tour is over, Lance Basswill go back to his production company in Los Angeleswhere he is developing a few TV shows, hoping to get a pilot on TV by the summer.

Is there a possibility that we may see Lance Bass in an acting role in the near future? He said, “There’s one (show) I might actually join the cast of. It just depends on how this next year goes.”

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